Worker safety video

The Problem

Oldcastle Materials required a high-quality 3D animation within a short timeline to pitch a new safety product to investors. Consequently, they approached Austin Visuals, our 3D animation studio, to create a custom animation from start to finish. The primary objective was to develop visuals that would help convey their concepts to TxDOT authorities and key investors. Furthermore, TxDOT lacked solutions to reduce worker injuries from oncoming traffic, and Oldcastle Materials required a quick and effective way to pitch their idea.

The Results

Worker Safety Video – TxDot Aware Warning System | Oldcastle Materials

Worker Safety Video Production – Austin Visuals

Our 3D animation impressed our client, the company owner, with its speed and accuracy. With our help, Oldcastle Materials successfully pitched their product to multiple investors and received positive feedback. We also provided them with a custom Virtual Reality experience using Google Cardboard. We gave them a custom application with a first-person view of a car approaching at 60 mph as an added bonus. This helped investors and viewers better understand the reaction time required to avoid danger in a highway construction area.

The Story

When Oldcastle Materials approached us for a pitch video to improve worker safety on public roadways, we were eager to help. Additionally, this device would give workers 2-3 seconds to get out of harm’s way. Without such a system, TxDOT workers were at risk of injury or death. Due to this urgent need for a solution, Oldcastle Materials approached our team at Austin Visuals for a pitch video to improve worker safety on public roadways.  By providing workers with 2-3 seconds to get out of harm’s way, this device would significantly reduce the risk of injury or death. Without such a system, TxDOT had experienced a number of fatalities each year.

Oldcastle Materials approached us for a 3D animation to showcase the usage of their safety device before creation.. They wanted to present this animation to investors to help secure funding for the project. At their request, we included an easter egg moment with the caller ID of a person they knew who received frequent phone calls.. This added a personal touch to the animation. If you’re interested in creating a similar 3D animation to showcase your own marketing ideas, please contact us at [email protected].