Visit us Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio or email us [email protected] | Want our 3D Animation Studio to produce a project like this for your company? Want us to create a memorable story using your logo or mascot? Contact Austin Visuals today. Visit us | Case Study | PIA, a national insurance company approached Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio with a problem. They had an unrefined script, no storyboards, and wanted a 3D Animated Video they could use as a recruitment tool for High School Students Nationally. They wanted a video they could play during a recruitment presentation and have high school students watch the video and after watching it be encouraged to sign up to work with their insurance agency in the future.

When PIA approached Austin Visuals they had recently seen Disney’s Paperman, which took over 100 artists 7 months to produce for a 7 million dollar budget. PIA was approaching Austin Visuals and only had 1.5 months to complete this project. This kind of turnaround time is unheard of in the industry. After many 3D Animation Studios turned the project down, Austin Visuals took on this project to test our might. We successfully produced this Custom 3D Story-Driven Animation in less than 1.5 months, more than 3 minutes of 3D Animation which included Normally custom 3D Animated Characters, scripting, storyboarding, character development, character rigging, 3d object and environment modeling, creative direction, lighting, texturing, and computer rendering. Austin Visuals even put in our own creative ideas over how to make the messaging hit their target audience better. We have a dedicated branding, messaging, and marketing team that worked with our Client and that were integral to this project’s success.

Thanks to Austin Visuals’ 3D Animation Studio’s Team of Expert Animators having more than 10 years experience each in their field, we came together and delivered this ambitious project for PIA on time, and on budget. PIA has been sending us Thank you letters because of the technical challenge our Team was able to achieve within such a short amount of time when no other animation studio could. The results were that Austin Visuals produced highly custom 3D Animation and messaging that was attractive and appealing to PIA’s target recruitment audience which gave PIA a big return on their investment.

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