Network Builder Animated Promo Video

Startup video ad company – is a startup that connects and introduces people to each other based on interests and skills. Austin Visuals was approached to create a custom Animated promo video for Network Builder’s Startup launch at Capital Factor in Austin Texas. A custom script was created for the Network Builder brand by Austin Visuals Animation Studio.

At Capital Factory, to reveal a startup there was a lot of people that attended and Network Builder needed a video that would quickly grab people’s attention but not a video to completely explain the concept, so that the founder and sales professionals working for Network Builder could engage interested foot traffic. So this video was custom created to grab people’s attention and draw them in for a longer conversation. Our video was successful and engaging for Network Builder they reported by the end of the event.

Startup Video Ad Company Product

Having a good video that communicates the concept of your startup quickly and effectively is very important to give a startup the best chance of attracting customers. In Network Builder’s case, they needed a way to communicate their message effectively from start to finish. Austin Visuals chose to use motion graphics to create a unique video for their needs. Motion Graphics often uses a combination of 2D and 3D types of visuals so the effect can look unique, entertaining, and memorable.

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