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2D Animation is a type of animation that uses graphic techniques by: Capture or draw meticulously the smallest movements and expressions of the character. Use tools to create fluid, seamless animation for characters from individual images.

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Previously, animation was known through cartoons, games
However, today, this type of video has encroached on the field of Marketing used by businesses to promote product and brand images.
Features of 2D animated commercials:

  • Do not use pictures, real characters. All will be drawn, then photographed, reconstructed as a cartoon story.
  • The messages and advertising objectives will be cleverly integrated.

5 Reasons To Choose 2D Animation  Services Video

1.️ Easily promote on Digital platforms.

2D videos are often highly viral. Cartoon characters with color images stimulate the brain and desire to click of the viewer. From there, temporarily feel comfortable and friendly with viewers. At the same time, it can be suitable for many branding platforms of businesses.

2.Cost savings

One of the advantages of 2D animation video is its ability to save costs. If you are looking to own a quality video, popular content at a low cost, this is the perfect choice for you.

3.Save Time

Normally, businesses will spend a lot of time implementing and producing marketing videos. Those things are no longer difficult if you use video animation.

Unlike other videos, you don’t have to spend time and money on finding actors, setting, rebuilding script content again. Just a few small steps and you have a clip with complete content. completely new without losing clip quality.

2dAnim-14.The content is diverse, intuitive, and easily communicated to the audience

One of the great advantages that 2D Animation movies bring is its ability to convey great messages.

In fact, the information conveyed through images and videos will be processed by the brain faster than information conveyed in text. Thereby, it can be seen that the messages conveyed by video always leave a deeper impression in the eyes of customers. And this is very helpful in helping your company increase brand awareness.

5.Fascinating and engaging

Due to not being limited by context or characters, using 2D animation video you can freely fly in ideas. It can be said “For Video Animation, nothing is impossible”. Moreover, the colorful videos and attractive content will easily attract and leave an impression in customers.
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2D Animation Service

A Storytelling 2D Animation Company

Austin Visuals can help you turn your ideas into reality. The team of video editors and animators at Austin Visuals are highly skilled and highly trained. The results will surprise you. The end product will amaze you. we provide high quality 2d animations and ads at affordable prices.
Austin Visuals offers a variety of 2D and 3D animation services and 2D video Animation Services. We also provide concept 3D animations for launch and VR animations. These services will allow you to present your company’s products and processes in an attractive and effective way.

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