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Ten Reasons Your Website Needs Video Animation

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In today’s digital age, small to medium-sized businesses are constantly exploring innovative strategies to enhance their market presence and attract new customers. Amidst a plethora of marketing tactics—blogging, social media engagement, email campaigns, SEO optimization, and more—one powerful tool often remains underutilized: video animation. At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, with over 17 years of experience in crafting captivating video content, we understand the transformative impact that animation can bring to your online presence. This blog post delves into ten compelling reasons why incorporating video animation on your website isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity for staying competitive and engaging your audience more effectively than ever before.

Ten Reasons Your Website Needs Video Animation

If you own a small to Medium sized Business, this information will benefit you the most. Are you are doing all you can to market your business and attract new customers? Do you find yourself blogging, posting, tweeting, facebook-ing, sending out emails for marketing, website (SEO) optimizing, business networking and even hundreds of even greater things out there? Have you tried animated videos? Here are 10 reasons why you should.

1. 72% of customers are more likely to purchase what you are selling after watching a video (Source: Wharton School of Business).

A video can explain what you are selling in greater detail than a brochure, pamphlet, or having them read just plain text on the screen of your website. Through Videos and Animation, you can connect with them emotionally and more effectively demonstrate how your product or service work and how it is uniquely different than the competition.

2. Videos added to your website make your site 6-times more likely to convert those ‘just looking’ customers over to a paying customers (Source: Forrester Research).

Here’s an important tip; when you have a strong call to action placed towards the end of your videos can drive sales also!

3. 20% of visitors on the web will read the majority of the text on a website but 80% will watch a video (Source: Forrester Research).

There are some people that will get turned off by a text heavy website and not read through your content, but you can always post that same information within a video and that customer will probably play through the whole video. Video and Animation can be your most powerful sales pitch you have available. It’s incredible that you can present your Videos to each and every visitor that comes to your website!

10rm-fitness-commercial-2d-animation-austin-visuals4. Visitors on your website are 4 times more likely to watch videos than they are to watch or look at anything else on your website (Source: Global Study).

Your customers like videos, no question about it, so do something why don’t you and give your customers what they like.

5. Videos and Animated Videos are 53 times more likely to come up on the top half of Google’s first page (Source: Forrester Research).

Information changes daily about Google’s changing algorithm and YouTube Videos and Animation are certainly a big part of this equation that can make your ENTIRE website rank higher. Additionally, remember when you are searching on google for yourself? Are you not more likely to click on a video or animation thumbnail?

6. Website customers who view videos stay two minutes longer on average on a site than those sites without Videos or Animation (Source: Comscore).

If your leads and prospective customers get a greater understanding of who you are, what you do, and what you’re selling then they are more likely to stay around your website to find out more information about you.

7. 85% of internet users view online videos (Source: emarketer).

8. 68% of the top leading internet retailers use videos on their websites (Source: Forrester Research).

9. 90% of all your web traffic will come from online videos (Source: Cisco)

10. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

YouTube has recently launched ad words for video, so when people are not searching on Google they are choosing to search on YouTube. When they are typing in your keywords, why wouldn’t you want your video to pop up?

Why Austin Visuals is Your Ideal Video Animation Partner

Choosing the right partner for video animation can elevate your brand’s digital presence to new heights, and Austin Visuals stands out as that ideal partner. With over 17 years of dedicated experience in the field of video animation, we’ve honed our craft to deliver not just videos, but compelling narratives that capture and convey your brand’s essence. Our specialization spans across various industries, enabling us to create customized animation solutions that resonate with your specific audience.

A testament to our expertise is the work we’ve done for This project showcased our ability to blend creativity with marketing objectives, producing an animated video that not only engaged viewers but also significantly boosted the client’s online visibility and engagement. At Austin Visuals, we pride ourselves on transforming ideas into dynamic visual stories, making us the go-to studio for businesses aiming to leverage the power of video animation.

Our Services

At Austin Visuals, we offer a wide array of services designed to meet every aspect of your video animation needs. Our expertise includes 3D Animation, providing lifelike depth and movement to your stories. With FX and 3D Renderings, we add stunning visual effects and detailed visuals to captivate your audience. Our Video Production services cover everything from initial concept development to final editing, ensuring your message is delivered clearly and impactfully. Additionally, we provide comprehensive concept-to-completion graphics work, ensuring your project is polished and professional from start to finish. Austin Visuals is your one-stop shop for all things animation.


The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and video animation has emerged as a pivotal tool for businesses looking to stand out. In this visually driven world, animated content can significantly enhance your online presence, engage your audience, and convey your message in an impactful way. If you’re ready to elevate your marketing efforts and bring your ideas to life through the power of animation, Austin Visuals is here to help. With our extensive experience and wide range of services, we are equipped to transform your visions into compelling animated content. Contact Austin Visuals today and take the first step towards captivating your audience like never before.

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