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4 Ways to Maximize Video Engagement

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4 Ways to Maximize Video Engagement

In today’s world, creating videos has never been cheaper or easier, but because of the amount of content out there, it is difficult to stand out. So what is a good way to make sure that your video has higher viewership than your competition? You can follow these four easy to maximize the amount of video engagement.



1. Short and Sweet
Studies have indicated that the average person viewing a video will only want to engage for 60 seconds, so it is a good idea to keep the video as short as possible. Most people can view a video for 30-45 seconds will their full attention but after that 60 second mark their attention wanders. And with that, you are losing your audience. Also, when viewers are aware that a video is long, their attention span decreases even more. However, if viewers are aware of a short video, they are more apt to give their full attention for that short time period.

2. Put the Important Information in the Beginning
Since you need to have a short video, it is important that you say what you need quickly in the beginning. As we said earlier, people lose their engagement the longer the video is, so it is best to put the important messages in the first 30 seconds of the video. It might be different from the initial narrative of the video, but by doing this, you are able to ensure that the message delivered to the viewers before their attention wanders.

3. Be Specific and Personal
When videos are vague and impersonal, it makes it hard to engage with it. Because you only have a time span of about 60 seconds, you need to make sure that your video will be able to keep viewers hooked for every second. Your video also has to be relatable to the audience with good content so that it increases video viewership. A good rule to follow is to use conversational tones, and you should address your viewers using “you” or “your”.

4. Make it Relevant on Your Website.
For your video to be successful, you need to be mindful of the video placement because you have to make sure it’s accessible and people will actually view it. You should have a visible thumbnail and the description all contribute to the context of your website and place it in a reasonable location. You should place it on the website so people are compelled to hit the play button.

The number of videos for companies and businesses is on the rise, but quality is better than quantity. Next time you are creating an online video, make sure to keep it short, personal, straight to the point, and make sure to be check its relation to the context of the website. You should see an increase in video engagement and viewership.

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