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Do it yourself Photography Tips for Your Real Estate Business

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Do it yourself Photography Tips for Your Real Estate Business.

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Sometimes not everyone has the time or money to spend on a photographer…

Austin Visuals hopes you enjoy some of our do it yourself tips on photography for real estate virtual staging or home remodeling. Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio presents some quick video-tips here:

Photography can be tricky sometimes, however, just keep the final result in mind and focus on the lighting that you have in your scene and you should be able to produce some nice high-quality images at affordable prices. Here are some additional Quick Photography Tips below:

How to take an interior photo:

1. Take your pictures from a corner in the room.
2. Avoid your photos having bright lights in them or windows near the center of your picture.
3. Make sure to set your camera to take the brightest and cleanest pictures.
4. Try your best to choose the highest resolution available on the camera you’re using whenever possible. High resolution means a better the picture and a better the final product.
5. Make sure to turn interior lights on if they are going to be in the shot.
6. Shoot directly across the room, do not shoot from high, glancing, or low angles.
7. Remember to use a tripod whenever possible so that you can keep your pictures crisp, still, and not blurry.
8. Wide angle shots usually look better to home buyers. Avoid the any kind of “fish bowl” look, as these will make your picture look awkward.

Here is another site that will give you even more insight on how to take real estate photos yourself.

We wish you the best and hope your pictures turn out great!


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