Cheap Animation Companies

If you’re looking for cheap animation companies, there are many things you may need to consider when selecting the best animation company to work with. In the below article we will break down for you a list of companies to consider so you can get your animation done without breaking your budget.

High Quality Animation Without Breaking The Budget

We often get many clients that tried to get work done one fiverr only to be disappointed when the artist was hard to work with, not in the same time zone or failed to complete the project and ghosted them. The result is those businesses waste a lot of time and they are not provided the solution they need to complete their job. Consider the below list of companies that have a good reputation for getting projects complete on time, and on budget.

Top 5 Cheap Animation Companies

Cheap animation studios – Now that we are on the same page about what these videos can bring to the table, it’s time to go over our selection of training video production companies.

Cheap Animation Companies#1 Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio

We are proud to be listed in multiple publications as one of the top recommended animation studio’s around. We have a reputation for production high quality animation on a budget.

We are proud of the company we’ve built over the years that consists of our team of writers, marketers, directors, producers, and designers. We love making animation and video. Our hard work and dedication to our craft is what makes our animated videos second to none.

Here’s why:

  • Each one of our videos is fully customized to our client’s brand identity and marketing needs.
  • We offer outstanding quality of video and polish.
  • We’ve perfected our training video production process to achieve the best results every single time.
  • We deliver top-notch, price-quality guarantee.
  • We were once a growing business too, and understand the challenges of employee capacitation! Which is why we also provide an integrated video marketing strategy to help you expand and thrive!

This awesome recipe led us to work with hundreds of companies from over 20 different countries, including brands like (name drop alert!) Walmart, McKesson, Discovery Channel, and more!

But, in case you want a taste of what we can do, our work speaks for us 🙂

We also know how important it is to have comments and reviews of previous customers to gauge what it’s like working with a video company. Here’s what some of our customers think about working with us!

If you’re looking to make an Animated Video that is low-cost, gets your message across but that won’t break your budget, look no further than Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio. We create motion graphics, and explainer videos. You hire us to create your video and we’ll use our quality Animation artists to ensure you have your custom video in no time. Contact us [email protected] or call us 512-591-8024 to let us know about your project today.

Here is an example of some of our motion graphics work:

Explainer Video Examples

At Austin Visuals Animation Studio, we like to let you know what exactly to expect when you hire us to create your explainer video. We can create premium realistic, or cartoon style animations featuring fully custom characters, and environments. Each video we create is custom made to your branding guidelines, suitable for your needs or business requirements.

Here’s an example of our custom explainer videos we create


#2 Skeleton Productions Creative Video Agency

Skeleton Productions is a United Kingdom Creative Studio that specializes in internal communication and messaging videos. They also offer promo videos for corporate productions. They have a broad range of services that involve a 3 step process to creating a video which includes strategy, production, and marketing.

#3 Epipheo

Since 2009, this production company has developed all sorts of videos: animated explainers, branded content, and e-learning and training videos. As they like to say, they use video content to create epiphanies and bring clarity to the viewer. Something highly important when you need to train or share knowledge! Cool!

#4 Clum

Based in Cleveland, Clum is a training video production agency that mostly develops live-action pieces, especially for non-profits, eCommerce companies, and tech start-ups. They are a big team of 20 people known for their original and creative pieces.

#5 Demo Duck

The team behind Demo Duck develops many types of videos: explainers, customer testimonials, commercials, and internal communication videos, especially for the healthcare and education industries. Even though Demo Duck mostly produces cool animated pieces, their portfolio also includes live-action projects.

There you go! Our five favorite training video production companies that can really help you transform the way you instruct and connect with your staff! Each of them is the definition of expertise and quality.

From our side, we’d also like to tell you that our inner drive is to help the companies we team up with achieve their business goals – which is why we focus on our client’s needs from the get-go! Whatever the message you want to deliver is, and the audience you are targeting, we’ll be dedicated to creating the most effective and original video!

No 2 companies are the same! We strive to make our videos unique. Since we’ve been creating custom videos since 2007, we have a pretty good formula down for how to make the best animated videos. Of course this these ingredients require, attention to detail is what makes it all come together! All of this helps bring your message to life and makes it look and sound great.

We don’t forget of course no body knows more about your business than you do! This is why it’s important that you select an animation company that listens to you. From start to finish, throughout the whole video production process, we listen to our client’s feedback every step of the way. Making sure to clear your doubts and, most importantly, use your valuable input!

But, in case you are wondering how all that plays together, we made this cool video about our video production process. Check it out!

So, if you are thinking of developing a less expensive explainer video production or a professional training video production, don’t waste another second and contact us today! We would love to help you take your project to the next level.


The Takeaway

Creating a video and achieving your business goals as an effective internal communication and training process is important. Why? Because it helps you share important information, align your teams, and develop your employees’ skills.

A good training video with the right message created by an animation studio that understands where you’re coming from, that educates your staff doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, or time-consuming! With a successful implementation of these principles, you can make sure to deliver vital information and keep your employees up to date in the most engaging, and educational ways! This process can be fun and exciting too.

And while there are others companies out there that do animation, we think you should keep these top five in mine on your to check out list!

When you purchase a custom explainer Video from Austin Visuals Animation

Cheap animation companies – What’s Included?

Here’s what’s included in our explainer video packages:
Cheap Animation Companies
Script Copywriting
We utilize our creative director’s abilities to work with you to create the perfect marketing message. Your script is perhaps the most important item in creating your animation. Getting this message right puts you way ahead towards creating a highly successful animated video. With us you get several revisions. We work with you to make sure you’re happy with your message before we move on towards the video creation process.
Cheap Animation Companies

Professional Voice Over

At this stage you get to choose from a list of hand-picked voice over talent options. Once you select the voice you like the most, we will work with that voice over artist to record your script. You can choose from a wide selection of over 1,200 artists. We sever them up to you just 10 at a time until you find the right artist you like though.

Cheap Animation Companies

Royalty-free Musical Backtrack
Having the right background music is key in creating the right mood for your production. You’ll get the benefit from our 10+ years professional experience in creating animated videos. We can help you choose the right music track that’s the right fit for your video.
Cheap Animation Companies
Premium Animation
All of our animations include up to 3 rounds of revisions. The amount of movement and detail of each character depends on your budget, but in general feel free to give us as much creative feedback as possible so we can make as many adjustments as we can that fits for your budget.
Cheap Animation Companies
Dedicated Project Manager
We understand that creating animation is an art form. It’s the kind of art-form that usually solves communication and messaging challenges. With this in mind, we make certain that every project has a dedicated project manager that works with you and the artists to ensure that each video is produced successfully.
Delivery In 2-4 Weeks!
Cheap animation companies – Each video we create is produced within a month or less on average. We serve them up in High Definition HD format. And we deliver them to you via dropbox or electronic transfer.

Why Use Training Videos?

Whether you run a small tech start-up or a big multinational company, training your staff is paramount.

With video being the most engaging type of content, business owners have the opportunity to make employee training a cool and actually valuable educational experience. So, before going over our list, it’s good to understand why you’d want to develop one of these pieces in the first place:

  • It’s cost-effective: An effective training video can save you a lot of money. Unlike instructor-based training, you don’t spend resources on hiring and associated expenses. Plus, you’ll save your employees time by not making them attend a class, but consuming the content at their convenience! 
  • It’s scalable: It doesn’t matter if you have to train a small group or your whole company, video allows you to train them according to the same standards, without compromising quality or performance. 
  • It’s flexible: Whatever you need to teach, you can shape-form your content to best suit your purposes and make your message more approachable. This versatility translates into a lot of different styles – animation, live-action, and more! 
  • It’s memorable: It’s proven that we retain 95% of a message when presented in video compared to 10% when reading via a text. This means that, through video, you can explain everything your employees need to know and ensure a more effective overall process with longer lasting results! 
  • It’s accessible: Video can be always available to your employees. For example, if you create short explainers, whenever they need to refresh the information, they can check them in no time. Ultimately, this will save your employees’ a lot of time and prevent them from making mistakes!  


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