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Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio – Explainer Animation Construction Process


It takes a lot hard work and creativity to make Explainer Videos. The Explainer Video Animation Process is both an art and a science. At Austin Visuals we take this complex process and make it easy for you so that you’ll have your Custom Explainer Video Animation in no time.  Our Animation Experts at Austin Visuals are known as super heroes in the industry. With most of us having over 15-25 years experience delivering top quality animation, we often amaze our clients with our talents.  After you’ve determined you want a 3D Animation, you’ll have to determine how far along in the process you are with it and what your priorities are with regards to Quality, Price, and how quickly you want it delivered to you.

When reaching out to us, keep in mind we need to know which of these 3 is most important to you ( Do you need your animation 1. High-Quality 2. Cheap 3. Fast ) ? We tell our customers that industry standard is that you can usually have 2 of these 3. Putting priority on one of these options affects the outcome of the other two.  To illustrate this, we have made an infographic for you.


Letting us know which one of these three options you care about the most will result in the best animation ‘bang for your buck’ because we will adjust our animation creation process around what your needs are for the project.  If you have a lot of time, no specific due date in mind, but you want higher quality visuals, let us know in advance, this give us time to add extra bells and whistles to your project, which takes research, skill, and craftsmanship at no extra cost to you in most cases.  If you want your Explainer Video Animation Process really fast compared to industry standards, know that we can accomplish all of your rush jobs with no problem. Expect that rush job products will be at higher costs since these jobs usually require our artists to work around the clock to ensure a quality product for you. If you want something inexpensive and High-Quality, then expect your product will take longer than industry average to produce.

Here is our Explainer Video Animation Process for creating a great looking explainer animation:

1. Meeting – We first meet with you either in person or over the phone to get a better understanding of your product or service so that we can create an animation that resonates with your target viewing audience.

2. Scripting & Storyboarding – Once we have all the information we need, we get to work on completing a script if you don’t already have one complete. A script is a process that indicates what information is being conveyed throughout the Animated Video. We can provide full script writing and storyboarding for you or sometimes our clients like our process to be more collaborative. Just let us know how actively involved in this step you’d like to be and we will make it happen!

3. Voice Talent – Picking the right voice is really a crucial part within the creation of an Animated Explainer Video. All of our voice actors and actresses are hand selected for their experience and skill at their craft. We usually provide a selection of voices for each project. This will allow you to pick the best voice that suits your project.

4. Animation and Design – Here’s where the magic happens! We will generally animated 10-20 seconds at a time to submit for your review. We usually schedule minor and major feedback sessions throughout the animation production process so you can feel free to be as involved with the animation process as you’d like to be and that we get your feedback throughout the development process. This is usually the part in the project where our clients say “Wow”.

5. Sound FX and Music – We spend a lot of time and effort into making sure the right sound track and sound FX go into the making of your Explainer video. We can make custom music for your video or we can gather a selection of music from our library for you. All of our music is 100% copyright free.

6. Putting it all together – After all of the music, sound, and animation is finished. We pull all these elements together and add in any final graphics, text, and titles you like. Polish it up and rendering it into a final video ready for digital delivery.

7. Final Video is Delivered and your Conversion Rates Go Up! – We usually send over a downloadable link to an .mp4 video, but other video format options are available upon request. We also have additional options for you through our partners to offer you PR, Press Releases, Online Distribution if you need or you can just upload our final video to your website and your presentation display devices and you’re done!

To find out more info about our Custom Explainer Video Animation Process and our video production process, Call us today at (512) 591-8024 or CLICK HERE to request a free quote online and to learn more about how Austin Visuals can help you with your business; Whatever your marketing needs are contact us today to discuss your project, we’d love to take your concept or idea to the next level.