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FAQs – Asked Questions About Animation

Questions about 2D and 3D Animation – Frequently at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio we are asked similar questions frequently.

  • Review goals, objectives, and timeline for the animation.
  • Confirm the budget and payment parameters
  • Receive assets you may have (CAD files, drawings, illustrations, photos)
  • Determine your project leader and those who will be involved in decision making.
  • Go over graphics and visual corporate or company standards
  • Discuss the strategy, product/service benefits, wants, and needs
  • Review the Script, get the script to final
  • Prepare storyboards for review and approval
  • Have in mind if you’d like a voice recorded for your video or not
  • Think about Music for your animated video

More Frequently Asked questions about animation…

Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Yes, we at Austin Visuals routinely sign NDA ( Non-Disclosure Agreements ) Many of our engineering, startup, legal, and industrial clients have these requirements. We do not have a problem signing and adhering to these standards.

Are you able to match our branding or graphic standards?

Yes we can. Just provide what information you are able to send us about any colors, fonts, and guidelines. We will strictly match your requirements.

I work in a large company with many decision makers, can you work with a large team with many approvals and inputs?

Austin Visuals for years has been working with large-scale international clients. We are used to working with many layers of leadership to produce videos. We in fact already have systems and processes in place to handle these kinds of structures in order to facilitate the production of your video in the fastest way possible.

I’m in a startup company, can you work with me to produce animation?

We have years of experience in writing scripts and coming up with ideas from scratch for startups. We’ve produced on average a couple of startup videos per month since we were founded in 2007. We can certainly work with your ideas, whatever stage you’re in to finish your concept out and create a final video from your initial concept.

I have a limited or fixed budget, are you able to still help us?

It’s easiest to work with us if you can be upfront with your budget from the beginning. Some people feel being transparent with budget from the beginning, to be a scary and unfamiliar behavior. People may think that if you tell someone your budget upfront they will just take all your money. Let us tell you why knowing your budget is important. We often say building an animation is like baking a cake. You can build a cake for $50, $5,000, or $50,000 and you can still call it a cake. Obviously you get more layers, higher quality ingredients if you have the upper end of this budget rather than the lower end. The upper end of this budget, you have additional options you may not have available at the lower end. At some point, you can remove so many options and lower the budget that you can either no longer call it a cake, or you don’t have enough funds to even make a cake. This is the balance as stated in this example, and the reason why we like to know your budget upfront so we know what kind of animation ( or cake ) to build you. Animation starts from $2,000 for a 60-second animation.

How do you determine your costs at your Austin, TX based animation studio?

At Austin Visuals, we usually determine our costs based on how long it takes us to build your animation or how many hours and how many specialists it would take us to do a great job at completing a project you would be more than happy with receiving. Since we’ve been creating animation for 15+ years, we’ve become pretty good at estimating animation costs.

How can I save money when I’m creating an Animated Video?

The shorter the length of video, the lower your expectations are with the amount of visual detail and quality, the slower you need your animation, the lower the price. Also, we can make suggestions during our meetings how you can save money. If you saw a movie that has fantastic special effects and you want us to produce this, yes we can actually produce it for less than the big movie companies charged.

How much time does it take to create an Animated Video?

In many cases, a project takes 4-6 weeks to produce a high quality animated video. We can produce things a little faster if you already have a script, know what you want to see, and your approvals are ready to be available quickly. We can also do rush jobs for an additional fee.

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More questions about 3D animation…

How many times will you update me throughout my project?

We like to update our clients twice per week. We like to keep in regular touch with clients throughout our creation process.

Are you based in the United States?

We are headquartered in Austin. The Artists we use are most often located in Austin, Texas. We realize being local and in the U.S. is important to our customers so you can trust that your project will be handled by a local artist when you go with Austin Visuals as a priority.

Is your video you produce compatible with websites, display projectors, and social media formats?

We produce video in high resolution and high definition formats. Our videos almost always play on projectors, social media, and websites. We just need to know your specific requirements before we start your project so that we can ensure we create a blank canvas with the same resolution dimensions as your display is needed. Sometimes we even like to create a test where we send a sample file your way and you upload it, view it, and give us feedback. This is done so we can ensure your final production will be easy to hand off to you and instantly useful without any problems as long as we work out the export settings and resolution requirements in advance.

We hope answers on this FAQ helps you understand the animation process better. If you need simple Explainer Videos or advanced Motion Graphics Services, just call or text us (512) 591-8024 if you have a project idea or additional questions. Also email us at [email protected] or click to fill out a contact form and reach out so we can get started.

3d animation of Golgi body explaining how it works inside of a human body

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