Nowadays, more and more people know about NFT or Non-Fungible Token. Artists, creators and so many others are looking to sell their work on blockchain. For many people, the first steps are always the hardest to reach this potential market. That’s why we are here to guide you the simplest way to create and sell NFTs.
The platform that we will use is OpenSea, which is the most reputable and widely used NFT platform today. Now let’s get started.


Step 1. Set up an Ethereum wallet and link it with Opensea

NFT works on Ethereum, so you will need an Ethereum wallet to manage NFT.

There are many Ethereum wallets on the market today. We recommend choosing the MetaMask wallet. It is one of the most popular Ethereum wallets on the market today with millions of users.

Another great thing is that MetaMask is compatible with Opensea. So you don’t need to worry about wallet linking problem.

After you have successfully created your wallet, log in to , navigate to the avatar icon in the upper right corner and select “My profile”

NFTThe system will now ask you to link to the Ethereum wallet. Since the default wallet on OpenSea is always MetaMask, you just need to select “Sign In” to link.

How To Make An NFT Step by step

Step 2. Create a collection

At this point, your account is currently empty and doesn’t have any NFTs. Move your mouse to the avatar in the upper right corner of the screen again and select “My collections“, then select “Create a collection“.

how to creat an NFT step by step


An information panel will appear. You do it step by step:

1.Select Logo
2.Name the collection
3.Describe in a few lines the collection you are about to create
4.Select the Blockchain to use (There are 2 options: Ethereum and polygon). If you are just starting out, without much experience, you should choose Ethereum (Blockchain is used by the majority of people)
5.Then press “Create” to finish.

how to make an NFT

This is your gallery image after it is created

how to make an NFT

Now you can create NFT by selecting “Add item“. However, before creating an NFT, we recommend that you do some editing and set up an overview of your collection.

Step 3. Set for your collection

In the image above you can see a large gray banner. You can completely replace it with a more attractive image by clicking on the pen icon in the upper right corner. Recommended image size is 1400 x 400 px. To add things like: social links and change the logo, description, collection name, etc., select “Edit”. On this page, you will also see the option to allow customers to pay with other tokens. You can add by selecting “Add token“.

creat an NFT

If you want to receive royalties when your NFTs are resold by future customers. You can enter the desired percentage in the “Percentage fee” box (usually around 5%)

How to make NFt

After completing the setup, select “Submit Changes” to save the changes

Now let’s proceed to create NFT!

Step 4.Create NFT

Go back to your collection management page and select “Add Item“.

A new window will appear where you can upload an NFT data file (can be an image, video, audio file, etc.). Maximum file size is 40 MB

How to Make an NFT step 4

Scrolling down below you will need to do a few things:

  • Name your NFT (this is required)
  • Add an external link (eg a personal website where customers can learn more about the product)
  • Write a few lines of short description about NFT

Make NFT step 4

The “Properties”, “Levels”, “Stats” sections will make it easier for customers to filter your works when exploring the collection. So you should add as much data as possible to this section. Note that all fields are case sensitive, so be careful when adding attributes to the NFT.

Make NFT

The “Unlockable Content” section allows you to add unlockable content that only the item owner can view. For example, higher resolution files, contact information to redeem physical items, access keys, etc.

In case your NFT has pornographic content or sensitive topics you can also tick at “Explicit & Sensitive Content”

How to creat an NFT

Normally, you can only generate 1 NFT at a time. In case you want to create 5 versions of the same work, you need to add the version number you want to create in the “Supply” field.

Make an Nft

However, the system always defaults to 1 and does not allow you to edit.

To be able to intervene, you need to do one thing: Copy the code “?enable_supply=true” to the end of the page URL and reload the entire page.

Once done, you can now change the version number as desired. However, we do not recommend doing this. Because it will reduce the value of your work. Unless you sell some special products.

After completing all the steps, you choose “Create” to create the NFT. (Generating NFTs is completely free, so you can create as many as you want.)

Step 5.NFT editing and data freezing

If you want to edit the NFT, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the NFT and select “Edit“. Here, you can edit the information you originally entered.

Make an NFT

You can only adjust your NFTs while you still own them, so make sure they’re complete before listing them for sale.

Editing also allows you to freeze your data to a decentralized storage service (note that once frozen, the data cannot be edited or deleted). Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Freeze”.

Make An NFT

Check the box if you want to continue, then select “Submit transaction” . Although OpenSea doesn’t charge anything, you will need to pay a gas fee to complete the process.

Make An NFT

Now you have completed the NFT creation step.

How to sell NFT

To list your NFT for sale, visit the NFT’s page and select “Sell“.

There will be 3 options for you to choose from: “Set Price” (List a fixed price), “Highest Bid” (auction) or “Bundle” (group this product with other products for sale).

Make an NFT

Each option will have its own settings

Set Price (fixed price)

  • Price: choose the price you want to sell
  • Include ending price: The ending price (This price must be less than or equal to the starting price) and the selling price will decrease from the starting price to the ending price during the sale period.

Make an NFT

  • Schedule for a future time: Schedule to sell NFTs after a certain period of time
  • Privacy: You can make your NFT private or specify who you want to sell to.

Highest Bid (auction)

  • Minimum Bid: Minimum price (customers will have to set a price greater than or equal to the minimum price)
  • Reserve price: Starting price (the reserve price must be greater than the minimum price). If you do not receive any bids greater than or equal to the reserve price. The auction will end and the NFT will not be sold. (Reserve price ensures you always sell your NFT at the price you want)
  • Expiration Date: Set the time for the auction

Make an NFT

Bundle (product group)
If you choose Bundle, you can group many NFTs to sell into 1 combo. The installation process is similar to selling a single NFT.

Some notes when you sell NFT

You can pay commission for those who successfully refer customers to you (up to 2.5%)

OpenSea will collect 2.5% of your NFT sale in case the NFT is sold successfully.tao-va-ban-NFT-20

If this is your first time selling NFT on OpenSea, you will have to pay a Gas fee before posting for sale. This transaction, which essentially creates a private transaction smart contract for your wallet, is currently very expensive due to congestion on the Ethereum blockchain but you only have to do it once. If you sell your works in a currency other than ETH, you will also be required to approve that token for the transaction to incur another (smaller) gas fee. This is a one-time fee so from the second you won’t have to pay a dime.

Finally, you choose “Post your listing” to post your NFT for sale.

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