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Animation Help you Sell Products and Services in 2020

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How to use Animation to Help you Sell your Products and Services Online or Offline.

At Austin Visuals Animation Studio, we often have clients ask us what 3D Animation can do to help their business to sell their products or services. We always say in response, — A ton. Animation whether it’s 2D or 3D is one of the most versatile sales mediums available today to any business. If it is well-tailored and crafted to suit your marketing needs, it can increase sales dramatically for any product or business.



Many Directors and Managers of Marketing did not learn how the capabilities of multimedia and graphics in their schooling. Professors teaching these Marketing managers were younger and knew more about traditional ways of advertising such as print ads, paper adverts, and live-action television commercials. In those times that’s all the kinds of advertising they had to work with. Now, there’s been an internet boom in recent years due to an increase of the accessibility of the internet, web speeds getting faster, and many people getting smartphones have all caused there to be a stronger demand for websites and information about products and services at your fingertips.

Rather than asking questions on the street to find out information about where the nearest good restaurant is, people aren’t asking as much anymore; they are Googling it instead. When customers search for products and services on Google, they typically only look at the first page of results. When they click on a website from these results, your business better is the first one that pops up and it better has an impressive, entertaining message. Studies have shown clients with Video or Animation on their websites these days make at least 400% more sales than businesses and individuals who don’t.

If Animation is used in an effective way, it can help to demonstrate a product or system’s full potential far beyond what a PowerPoint or paper handout is able to achieve. Studies have shown people increase their comprehension and retention of material where Video and Audio are present. This is because you are getting information in two separate ways at once, a Visual and Auditory experience. This means Animation will be something customers will remember seeing out of all the websites they look over within a normal day. Standing out means not only are clients more likely to buy from you, they are also more likely to refer your site to a friend because they remember these kinds of sites the most. Here’s a list of additional benefits Animation can bring to any project, website, or presentation to sell products or services:

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2D and 3D Animation Benefits

– Demonstrates how your product works without having to worry about set up, or bringing the physical product to a location.
– Create a Premium feel of your service or product and justify a premium price
– Make a product or service more appealing, spicier and dynamic looking, and enhance its value
– Give something boring visual boost through integrating fun and exciting graphics
– You can make anything look state-of-the-art and cutting edge
– Create something that can never be achieved through live shots
– Be able to create anything you can imagine, and display that idea or concept to a mass amount of people.

2D and 3D Animation and Video Applications

– Show how your product or service can solve a problem or fulfill a need
– Showing the internal workings or components of a complex product
– Showing the client a tour of your facilities through Animation, rather than renting a helicopter or hiring a Camera crew to interrupt your normal daily business operations
– Showing how a product is interactive with its customers
– Showing how a very complex system works through animated sequences and diagrams
– Showcase a product or facility that has not yet been built
– Showing several consecutive operations of a system or assembly line
– Showing various negative scenarios that can be resolved through the use of your product or service
– Zooming into microscopic detail of any product or component
– Showing each stage of a planned development clearly
– Show how medical devices interact with the human body

If you are looking for a way to enhance the look or presentation for your service or product, using 3D animation is the way to go. The Best and Smartest companies are using it to secure major contracts in their fields, and you should too. If any of these ideas mentioned here sound exactly like what you could use or benefit from, contact Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio today to use this powerful new marketing tool to super-charge your presentation and marketing efforts.


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