Houston Oil and Gas 3D Animation

Are you in the Oil and Gas Industry? Have a technical process, or product you want to visualize with an animated video? Consider Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio. Since 2007, Austin Visuals has been working with Houston Oil and Gas companies, Energy Companies like Sempra Energy and Cameron, LNG. Austin Visuals can take your AutoCad drawings, 3D files, step files, FBX or OBJ’s, import those files into our custom 3D Animation and Rendering programs, then turn them into beautiful Animated Fly-throughs just like this one.

Need a super realistic 3D Rendering? Austin Visuals can do that and has you covered. Need a video but don’t know how to make one or don’t know where to start? Austin Visuals has a team of experts that has been creating custom technical energy 3D Animation for years. We can take a part of an idea and help you create a complete video for your company, no experience required.

Many people ask how long this process takes, and although that question depends on many factors, how detailed the rendering or animation is, how long, etc; some average times can be just a couple of days for a simple 3D rendering, up to 2-4 weeks for a complete 3D Animation that is not a rush job. Rush jobs we are usually able to speed up our production by double.

Have a concept you’re thinking about visualizing? Give Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio a call today. 512-591-8024 or email us [email protected]