Best Explainer Video Company

When you’re looking for the best explainer video company, look no further than Austin Visuals has been in the industry since 2007. That means any of your interactions or recommendations you receive coming from our staff are coming from years of experience creating custom animated videos.

Austin Visuals is headquartered in Austin Texas, and we have an additional office in near Dallas, Texas but our artists work on a distributed model. The work from home, and we’ve been doing it this way for almost 10 years. What this means for you is that Animation is produced faster. Our artists aren’t commuting to and from work to get stuck in traffic. Artists are able to avoid your usual workplace distraction by working from home which means they can just focus on producing animation almost 24/7. Working in a distributed fashion also has the added benefit of allowing us to on board new artists on-the-fly to allow for the best possible production and the lowest possible cost. Best of all we have had 12+ years experience creating productions this way. So you can be assured that you’re getting our very best every time.

What we need from you

Really, just give us a call so we can discuss your project 512-591-8024 or email us [email protected]  In order to ensure your animation is produced at the highest quality, at the lowest price, with the clearest message, we usually recommend you have storyboards, a script, and visual reference so you can communicate your concept to us before getting started; however, over the years, we are used to working with many clients who do not have any of this material. This is why we’ve hired staff that are trained to work with you at whatever stage of animated video development you’re in from concept-to-completion. What we’re saying is, give us a call and we’ll work with you collaboratively to make sure you get the video you need and we’ll ‘draw’ from our years of experience to help you do it, in a manner that won’t break your budget. We look forward to discussing your next project. We hope you consider