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Explainer Video Startup

By March 30, 2013August 10th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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10 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos are Needed in Your Startup – Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports

Explainer videos are used to inspire people and get them hyped up about what you have to offer. The most important aspect of a startup is to gain the attention and spark interest in order to generate business. Animated explainer videos have had a deep impact on psychology of humans, thus it helps startup companies and other businesses to build their reputation and customers.


1. Distinguish Yourself from Others

The Internet is heavily oversaturated with various information and it seems impossible to survive online without any efforts. There are lots of options for consumers to choose from and to assume that they would simply choose you is a huge mistake. Until you create a unique image for your brand, you will be at square one with your company. An animated explainer video can help you stand out and is able to go viral when it is shared on YouTube and Facebook.


2. Embed into Memory

68% of people remember more from watching videos than from reading text. These explanation videos tingle the audio and visual senses which result in better memory. Explainer videos are an interesting way of showing your ideas in an exciting manner, which include color, intelligence and fun.


3. Gain Mass Interest

Videos tend to be more appealing because they are easier to relate to. 53.5% of the entire population is expected to watch an online video in 2012. Without a doubt, people will notice of your startup videos and teasers if there is enough buzz. Huffington Post dubbed Vooza’s funny video as the most hilarious video for a tech startup spoof.

4. Build Website Conversations

People like videos that tell a story and it is easier to remember than videos in plain words. For startup companies, explainer videos are more likely to help new businesses pick their pace. Explanation videos can really help spark interest and inspire conversations, thus generating new business. Dropbox became successful because of their explainer video and it increased conversations over 10%.


5. Sample your Product to Your Customers

Explanation videos allow your customers know what your product is all about. They would watch the video to get to know what the product is about before going through with the purchase. Because one minute of a video clip has the same weight as 1.8 million words, videos will help people retain and understand what they see in the videos.


6. Profit from the Viral Aspect of Videos

Creative videos have the potential of going viral which takes your product to a bigger audience. If it has the appeal of entertainment, wonder, and inspiration, the chance of the video being shared on social media is high. Visual content has a higher chance of being shared between people creating free advertising.


7. Inspire and Get The Ball Rolling

Inspire brand evangelists with a well-scripted and well designed startup video. They can act as a supporter and believer in your product and promote it better through social media and word of mouth, which can lead to a big crowd.



8. Improve Your Website’s SEO

With proper SEO tactics, you will be able to generate greater visibility and have a bigger presence on the web. When you post videos to YouTube, make a strategic decision on the title and make sure it includes your keywords that are relevant to your product or video content. It is helping with traffic to your website and 38% of searches on Google are for videos, so it is ideal to amplify the benefits from the videos.


9. It Buys Time

Explanation videos give customers insights on a product, which allows them to assess it before making a decision to purchase the product. For startups, it gives companies the opportunity to make changes to products depending on the audience reaction.


10. Minimize Unsatisfied Customer Base

Words can sometimes create miscommunication and not represent what you really wanted to say. With explainer videos, you can give the product information with more clarity. This would reduce the margin of dissatisfaction in customers because they were more informed when making their decisions through the videos.




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