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12 Tips To Instantly Enhance Your Video Production Quality Now!

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12 Tips To Instantly Enhance Your Video Production Quality Now!



Have you ever considered the reason why people pay more attention to video than written content? This is because a video speaks a lot about a person other than an article. Besides, a video can go viral within seconds compared to a full text article.

A video is a tool you can use for marketing and never have to worry about it failing you.  Research has shown that 50% of the people who view a video on a product will retain information for a very long time compared to those who read text. In addition, video speeds-up buying decisions up to 72% according to another study.

Almost every consumer prefers video over brochures when making buying decisions. However, only great Videos hold your customer’s attention. Your video will be judged according to its content, quality, how you present it, and the information it carries. A great video carries all of these attributes.

The following tips will help you come up with quality videos.

Get a good camera

Make a list of the best cameras known to produce great videos. Before purchase, consider the purpose you need the camera to achieve, home use or professional. There are actually a good bunch such as canon, JVC and Panasonic for home use. Their cameras are extremely affordable. For a professional film, Sony and Panasonic companies produce really good firm cameras.

Choose video subjects

If you are shooting a professional film, actors and actresses should be extremely up to task. Since you want a high quality video, your subjects have to play a big role to deliver. Pick subjects that are not shy, follow their script naturally.

Plan the video shooting

This is very essential especially if people involved have never been in front of cameras. Ensure you have all your equipment required for the shooting in advance. For the subjects involved in shooting, they should know their lines perfectly. Choose a professional director to guide you through the activity. The costumes, hair and make up designs should be well planned for.

Choose the location

One of the reasons people switch to the next video is the background visual. Get a location that is unique, scenic and classic. For instance, an office is one of the worst places to shoot a video. Consider gardens, beach and other classic locations.

Carry out film tests

This is a short period you give to the subjects in your video. Let them practice while being filmed before the real filming begins. This would generally help them to work on themselves and improve in the real video.

Set up lights

To avoid using less or more light when shooting, set up lights to balance. When you are shooting in broad daylight do mot point your camcorder direct to the sun. If your subjects are dark they will become darker.

Use a tripod

Some cameras come with tripod stands. This tripod is to help you mount the camera for steady shots. It also helps to enhance sound and light equipment.

Turn off all digital effects in your camera

Do not shoot while your digital effects are on. They make your video look awful and very unreal. You can shoot your video normally then add effects later on.

Use a clip-on microphone

Microphones on your camera do not choose, a siren, noise from protestors will be included in your video. To prevent this get a terrific clip-on mic. Plug the wire end into your camera and the mic end to your subject’s shirt.

Shoot closer to your subjects

Most people believe zooming solves the whole issue, no. If you want to get good shots, move closer to the subjects otherwise you will not even get their heads let alone eyes. If you are too far get close and make a good shoot.

Focus on what interests you

A quality video is definitely interesting. Therefore focus on subjects that are interesting and who bring out real happenings. Subjects, who react to a tragedy with zeal, laugh out with all teeth and sing from their hearts. This is what makes a video go viral.

Edit your video

Upload your footage into the computer. View the whole video to see which parts work and ones that are totally irrelevant according to your use. Ensure every part is well edited. When shooting a horror film, set the tone to suit the horror movie.

A video is not something you just toss together; it takes careful planning for it to come out looking like a professional did it. Your Video will need to be good quality, have great content and informational. Remember…. Upload your video on youtube and within few seconds you have the potential to get millions of viewers.

I hope these simple tips will enhance any Video Production shoot even if you shoot the video yourself. If you need to ask questions or you need Professionals to enhance your video quality, contact us at [email protected] or give us a call 512-591-8024 to discuss your project. We would love to help.

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