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2d animation social media content – 7 ways it generates powerful returns

By November 29, 2021 Blog

2d animation social media content – 7 ways it generates powerful returns for business owners, digital media and PR directors – Whether you’re spending  a hundred or thousands of dollars each month for social media it’s only as good as THE CONTENT.  And no one gets burned out faster than content creators.  You can place  your story in all the right places, post it at all the right times and buy the right ads, but if the content isn’t fresh and entertaining and memorable it’s a waste.

Your place on Google slips, the inquiries stop.  Your email solicitation falls off.  You know the drill.


One way to get things moving and the phone ringing is to get Austin Visuals to create a 2D Explainer Animation for you.  One that includes amazing motion graphics, memorable backgrounds and many types of customer and pre-created characters.

  • 2D Animation is Cost Effective

Most 2D animation videos have a shorter production timeline than live action videos.





Another added benefit of an animated video is that it can easily be edited over time to keep the video looking modern and its information current.

But let’s look at the cost of production at Austin Visuals.

A :30 second 2D video at our Animation Studio can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000 and up. Why the variance?  The number of characters and backgrounds.  What the characters are doing.  Call us and ask about how to save money by having our writers create a script that is both compelling and cost effective.

Maybe your business can’t afford a content creator.  Maybe your content creator needs a break.  One 2d video can be cut and change economically to meet a variety of needs, to look fresh.  

  1.  Animated Posts Draws The Viewer’s Attention

No doubt, animation of people in similar situations is the strongest attention grabber.  It sets your post apart from others in the crowded sea of information. The animated social post looks alive, fun, and engaging. It catches the eye and keeps users watching and reading your brand’s message.

Most of the social media algorithms boost posts that are being watched for a longer time than on average. Consequently, it also drives the brand’s profile, raises its popularity and audience engagement.

  1. Animated Posts Simplifies Complex Ideas

All brands have their creative and technical sides.

The tech ideas are most complicated for the non-experts and need additional explanations.

If your company wants to share news about the product launch, new services, or any other complex idea, the animation can appear to be the best option for the presentation of your thoughts in an easy-to-digest manner.  Explainer videos are versatile ways to convey a message in a simple form and provide a more successful interaction with a potential customer.

Here’s an example of a great explainer video done in a 2d animation style known at Austin Visuals as “custom”.  It’s custom because the characters are made to be unique.  The script was written in-house by our professional script writers.  It takes the let’s face it boring side of home security and makes it memorable through animation with a humorous twist.


This another example of an explainer used in the medical field.  Austin Visuals 2D Animation company makes explainers for virtually every business sector.  

You can post animated how-to guides on your social profiles to show customers how to tackle a specific issue and how to use a product, service, or software.

  1. Animated Posts Are Memorable

Nothing can stick to the memory stronger than a visually stunning animation or fun short video. They steal the user’s hearts, make them want to share this content, drives more traffic to the company’s profile, and multiply the chances for a conversion.

Animated posts are exceptionally efficient in social media advertising since they combine the three most significant reasons to click on an ad: they are fun, enjoyable, and unobtrusive.

5. 2D Animation is Cost Effective (yes, I’m telling you twice!)

Depending on your needs, 2D animation could be a great resource for you and your company.

  • Want to attract a larger audience? Austin Visuals 2D Animation can help!
  • Want to engage with more of your current audience? Animation can help!
  • Need to communicate complex information in a way that makes it understandable to a wide audience? Animation from our Animation Company can help!

Due to its versatility, 2D animation can be used to communicate almost any type of information. Think about how your business could benefit from 2D animation.

6.  2D Animation works on all social media

You can economically adjust your 2D animation to target your customers by age and other cohorts.  Austin Visuals will be glad to help!  One 2D animation can be repurposed for a variety of platforms with a change of music or visuals or text.

7.  2D Animation works well with video.  

At Austin Visuals we pair motion graphics with video to make innovative, exciting videos for less than you’d expect.


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