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4 Ways to Create Awesome Explainer Videos

4 Ways to Create Awesome Explainer Videos

Creating an awesome explainer video for your company or product can be an exciting challenge. There are many ways to make your video stand out from the competition. The most effective strategies combine storytelling, animation and humor. Here are three ways to create an explainer video that will stand out amongst the competition. Try one or all of these methods and you will soon have a killer video for your business or product.

Storytelling in explainer videos

An explainer video should be easy to understand and simple. However, it should not only have one point. This video should engage the viewer by making them the main character. The video should be at least two minutes long and spoken in a natural voice so the viewer can feel the emotion behind the product. However, there are a few tricks that you can follow to improve your storytelling in explainer videos. The best way to improve your script is to watch other explainer videos. YouTube has many examples of great explainer videos.

A great explainer video starts with an introduction that sets the stage for the story. It builds tension between the problem and the solution, and then refers back to the initial situation, making the video feel complete. It is essential to tell a story well and convey complex ideas. These tips will help you create an amazing explainer video in no matter how short it takes. Keep reading to learn more.

Your characters should stand out from the rest. Animations are a great way to make a memorable video. You can incorporate both live-action and animation to create an unforgettable experience for your audience. Your brand colors and logo can be incorporated into the video along with branding elements and calls to action. To make your explainer videos more understandable, you can add typography.

Whiteboard animation and motion graphics can be used for complex explanations. For example, a whiteboard animation video can outline the process of the company and its history. Many startups use whiteboard animation as it is inexpensive and makes it easy to create explainer videos. Whiteboard explainer videos are also an excellent choice because they focus on storytelling and one clear message. In addition, whiteboard animation videos are a great choice for explaining complex topics without disruptions.

Live-action video

In order to create a truly engaging explainer video, you must go beyond simple animations. Austinvisuals is a great example of this. They created a video showing how they use live action video. While the simple explanation may have worked, the human touch is much more compelling. For example, they used real people to show the process of creating their video and even walked the viewer through the backstage area of their product.

Another great example of a concept-driven explainer video is that by using the voice of a company’s CMO, they were able to create an explainer video that clearly explains the company’s product or service. With a video that blends animation with motion graphics, the CMO showcases his creativity and expertise. Although there are many examples of explainer videos that feature live-action video, these videos stand out due to their dynamic visual style as well as smooth transitions.

If you choose to incorporate a live-action video into your marketing efforts, you’ll need to consider your audience. Live-action videos often have a larger audience than animated ones, so incorporating them into your explainer is a smart way to reach a wider audience. To make your video more engaging, you can use puppets, actors, or even live animals. One way to get them involved is to hire a real-life person to be the face of your brand.

Video can be used to improve your search engine rankings. Video is included in more than 70% of the top search results. An agency or company that specializes is the best place to go to for help with creating an explainer video. These companies will be able to offer you all of the tools you need to create an awesome explainer video. The best explainer videos are focused on a specific audience and have a clear purpose statement.

Strong calls to action are a hallmark of some of the most effective explainer videos. These videos have a clear solution that encourages your audience to take action. Similar structures are used by them. They solve a problem, show your product or service, and conclude with a compelling call to action. They make it easy to learn more about your business and the products or services you offer. Video production companies can also be used.

Awesome Explainer Videos

Animated mockups

Animations can be used to explain videos and are a great way to show how your app works. These visuals can help you show your audience how your app works and attract a wider audience. The animation in these videos should be subtle and only occur when necessary, like when the viewer zooms in or hits a natural pause. Your current stage in the development of your video will determine how you record it.

Animated mockups are an easy way to show your work to clients. Animated mockups are especially helpful for showcasing your new app or landing page. There are many different types of animated mockups available, including social media, video, and static images. You can even edit these mockups to include different elements, such as text or custom images. Using these tools will help you to sell your work and reach a wider audience.

Animated mockups work better than live product screens. They give the viewer an overview of your product and the overall experience. Today’s society is so reliant on technology that we often forget the importance of human to human interaction. Nextdoor, a free network service, creates animated mockups of the product to show its process. Their video is easy to follow and their voiceover is pleasant and understandable.

While live action is a great way to showcase your product, animation is a cheaper way to create explainer videos. There is no one right answer as the cost of animated explainer videos can vary widely. The choice between animation and live action will ultimately depend on the project and budget. Both methods can communicate the key features of your product. While animated mockups are generally more expensive than live action, they can still be a great way for you to show off your product.

Although the best way to display your work is through photographs, animated mockups are a great way to capture attention and keep people engaged. It is easy to add a video to your screen. Although most mockups offer a free option with no hidden fees, there are often hidden charges. However, they do have other advantages, and are worth exploring. If you’re unsure whether animated mockups are right for you, make sure you try them out first.

4 Ways to Create Awesome Explainer Videos

Humor in explainer videos

Using humor in explainer videos can help your viewers retain the message you are trying to convey. The best way to use humor in explainer videos is to be creative, and to find ways to incorporate it without offending the audience. These are some tips to help make funny videos.

First, keep in mind that humor is not for everyone. You must know what kind of humor will appeal to your target audience, and which kind is likely to make your explainer video more interesting. Remember that timing is key, so you might have to experiment with various placements before finding the one that works best for your video. This is especially true if you plan to use humor in your explainer videos more than once. It is worth it.

It is also possible to use subtle humor. You can also use subtle humor to make viewers pay more attention to your video. The use of a supporting animated character may bring out the subtle humor you need. You can also use sound effects and voiceovers to add subtle humor. Once your audience has understood what the video is about, you can use it to your advantage. This will make your video more appealing to them.

Engage your audience with humor. Use humor in explainer videos to engage your audience. You should make the central character funny without losing any important information. If you’re aiming to make the viewers laugh, don’t go too far. Humor is an important aspect of any video. However, it should be used responsibly. Before you can make your viewers laugh, it is important to first understand your goal. Then, pitch your story to your script writer and get started on the first draft.

Incorporate one-line jokes in your videos. The one-liner type jokes are widely used on social media and can keep your audience laughing throughout the video. Keep in mind that you should only use one line per story. If you can manage to work with a script and add a little humor, it will definitely boost your video’s quality and effectiveness. You might consider using a sample video that features a familiar character.


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