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5 Steps to Improve in YouTube

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Although most people believe YouTube to be the mecca of funny cat videos, small businesses can use YouTube to get a leg up in the industry and open doors to many opportunities in Google search results and build a positive reputation online. Here are 5 steps that you can take to use YouTube for your company.

1. Sign Up on YouTube

In order to get access to all the benefits of YouTube, you have to sign up and create an account. Choose a username that is closely tied to your company’s name.  It has to be relevant and link to your company name.

2.  Plan Out a Strategy

Before posting up any videos on YouTube, you need to think about a strategy on what information you want to portray to your audience and what they would like to see. Your typical consumer would not want to see any home videos, but something that is related to your product or service. If your business ever gets featured in local news, you should try to get a copy and upload it to your YouTube account.

3. Make the Videos

There are many outlets in modern technology to create digital videography. Most of the latest technology products have a preinstalled video editor within the software, and video cameras are getting cheaper with newer products coming out. You have many resources that can assist you in making high quality videos for your business.

4. Put Thoughts into Your Uploads

Keep in mind there are a few things you need to keep in mind when uploading videos on YouTube. Make sure to have a relevant title, description and add keywords to help your video appear on searches. The title should be relatively short and give a general idea. The description will give additional information that you believe the consumers need to know. For keywords, you should have your business’ name, words that are related to your product or services, and other important things that set you apart. Also, you need to remember the language of your potential consumers because it will help you improve your business reputation.

5. Share Your Videos

YouTube is very beneficial because it is so easy to share video that you post on your account. If you have a blog, you should post your video on it, and post the video on Facebook and other social media outlets. It is important to have as many people watch your video as possible. However, you should be careful not to overshare your videos because it could interpreted as spam by others.


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