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50 Business Animation Ideas for Engaging Presentations

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Are you tired of boring and ineffective presentations? Do you want to spice up your next business pitch with some creative animations that will leave a lasting impression on your audience? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’re sharing 50 innovative animation ideas that are perfect for any business presentation. Whether you’re looking to explain complex concepts, showcase product features or simply add some fun to your slides, these animations will surely captivate and engage your audience. So let’s get started and take your presentations to the next level!

Advantages of Using Animation for Business

Animation can be a very effective tool for businesses to use in their presentations. Here are some of the advantages of using animation:

1. Animation can help to grab and hold attention. This is especially important if you are presenting to a large audience or if your presentation is likely to be competing with other visual stimuli.

2. Animation can help to make complex concepts more understandable. This is because animation can break down concepts into smaller, more manageable pieces that are easier for the brain to process.

3. Animation can add an element of fun and engagement to your presentation. This can help to keep audiences interested and engaged, even if the topic is otherwise dry or boring.

4. Animation can help create an emotional connection with your audience. This is because animation often relies on storytelling elements, which can create an emotional response in viewers.

5. Animation can be used to create visuals that would otherwise be impossible or impractical to produce using traditional methods (e.g., live action video). This allows businesses to really get creative with their presentations and stand out from the competition.

Simplifying Complex Topics through Animation

Simplifying complex topics through animation is a powerful way to engage with your audience and effectively communicate difficult concepts. Whether you’re explaining a new product, service, or process, animation can help break down the information into manageable pieces and make it more easily understandable.

One of the main benefits of using animation to simplify complex topics is that it allows you to create visual representations of abstract ideas. Instead of relying solely on text or verbal explanations, animation provides a way to show how things work in a dynamic and interactive way. This can be particularly useful for explaining complex scientific or technical topics, where it can be difficult to convey the necessary information through words alone.

50 Business Animation Ideas for Engaging Presentations

50 Business Animation Ideas – Austin Visuals

Animation can also be used to illustrate complex systems or processes, such as how a supply chain works or how a particular manufacturing process is carried out. By breaking these processes down into individual steps and showing them in a clear, visual way, you can help your audience understand how everything fits together and why each step is important.

Another benefit of using animation to simplify complex topics is that it allows you to create scenarios that would be difficult or impossible to replicate in real life. For example, you could create an animated video that shows what would happen if a particular event occurred, or how a product might perform under different conditions. This can help your audience better understand the implications of certain decisions or actions, and can help them make more informed choices.

Bring Examples To Life

When it comes to making a presentation more engaging, there is no tool more effective than animation. Animation can help bring examples to life, and make complex concepts more understandable. By using animation, you can create a presentation that will truly capture your audience’s attention.

When using animation to bring examples to life, it is important to use visuals that are both eye-catching and relevant to your topic. You want your audience to be able to understand the example without getting lost in the details. For this reason, simple animations and illustrations are often the most effective.

If you are presenting data or statistics, animation can be used to visually represent this information in a way that is easy for your audience to understand. By animating graphs and charts, you can make complex data more digestible and interesting.

No matter what topic you are covering in your presentation, animation can help make it more engaging and memorable. By thinking creatively about how you can use animation, you can create a presentation that will truly stand out.

Top 10 Animation Concepts for Business

  • Explainer Videos Create engaging 1-3 minute videos using 2D design, motion graphics, and animation to explain a product, service, or concept. These are ideal for sharing online, embedding on business web pages, or using in presentations and events.
    50 Business Animation Ideas

    50 Business Animation Ideas – Austin Visuals


  • 3D Technical Videos Visualize products with stylized or photorealistic 3D visuals. Add exploded views of products to show how they function. Create 3D environments and add motion graphics, iconography, and typography to highlight key details.
  • Social Media Content Create short animated videos as part of a wider marketing strategy. Engaging visuals and creative ideas can grab the viewer’s attention. Depict one key benefit of a product or service and drive traffic to a URL for further information.
  • Customer Journey Highlight the problems being solved and the benefits of a service by depicting relatable characters. Using characters and environments allows you to build a strong narrative and bring situations to life, engaging, entertaining and educating your audience.
  • Event and Conference Openers Build excitement and give a professional feel to a corporate event using bespoke 2D and 3D design, animation, visual FX, and the perfect music bed. Reinforce the event brand, and subjects to be covered, welcome the audience and introduce speakers with style.

Also including:

  • Level Up Presentations Elevate presentations by adding short animations to quickly snap the audience awake with something new, different and of high caliber. Presentation animations can help deliver information, highlight benefits, and explain complex or intangible ideas with professionalism.
  • Onboarding Videos Create professional onboarding animations to explain best practices in the workplace, introduce software and systems, identify key locations, and deliver key health and safety messages to new employees.
  • Animated Idents Top and tail any filmed media content or presentations with an animated ident to create a consistent set of media. Typically a short motion graphic animation of the company logo with a tagline and short bespoke sound design. You may also add a call to action, i.e. ‘Visit a URL to find out more…’
  • Health & Safety Videos Use animation to deliver key Health and Safety business messages to employees or customers in concise, clear, and engaging ways. One-off messages of 20 to 30 seconds or full 5+ minute animations can be effective in delivering these messages.
  • Website Animations Design bespoke animated clips for business websites to raise the level of finish and stand out from competitors. Short, looping animations can help explain products or add a little wow factor to the overall site design.
50 business animated ideas

50 business animation ideas – Austin Visuals

Over 40 Additional Business Animation Concepts

  • Create 2D, 3D or TV advertisements for your brand.
  • Produce online video ads for YouTube.
  • Design social media ads for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Develop animated social media posts to build your brand’s following.
  • Create website animated banner ads to grab the attention of website visitors.
  • Use stop-motion animation to give a crafty and homely feel to your brand.
  • Develop animated GIFs to embed in emails and signatures.
  • Create HUD animations for business VR experiences.
  • Make YouTube channel intro idents to introduce your channel to viewers.
  • Sponsor arty animated stories to promote your brand.
  • Design UI animations for business apps and software as a service (SAAS).
  • Create animated award event category videos and titles.
  • Use looping event stand displays visuals to attract attendees at events.
  • Display business info on looping screens in waiting rooms.
  • Design animated visuals for Blu-ray/DVD menus.
  • Use projection mapping on walls and buildings to create engaging visuals.
  • Create animated transitions and title sequences for live video presentations.
  • Develop animated backgrounds for green screen videos.
  • Use VFX like green screen and motion tracking to work with filmed footage.
  • Design interactive 3D products to embed in web pages.
  • Develop in-person sales tool animated videos to assist sales staff.

Also including:

  • Create animated business CVs to make your brand stand out.
  • Use in-store advert displays, such as short ads in supermarket displays.
  • Use digital billboards, such as Times Square or Piccadilly Circus, to display animated ads.
  • Create VR experiences by adding 3D animation via Unreal Engine or Unity.
  • Use community outreach to show your brand’s animated content at local events.
  • Produce animated business proposals to highlight the benefits of your proposal.
  • Create an animated brand design document using premium animation.
  • Design animated event/party invites, such as for conferences or Halloween events.
  • Develop animated FAQs to assist customers with common questions.
  • Create an animated “meet the team” video featuring staff character animation.
  • Use product animations to display your product on actual devices.
  • Develop animated memes to spread your company’s brand or message.
  • Design animated explainer videos to showcase your products or services.
  • Use animated infographics to present company statistics and data.
  • Develop animated case studies to showcase your brand’s success stories.
  • Create animated training videos for employee onboarding and education.
  • Use animated videos to introduce and showcase your company culture.
  • Design animated advertisements to promote specific products or services.
  • Create animated tutorials to teach new skills to your audience.

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