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3D TV Commercials for Sales

By June 5, 2013July 15th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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8 Reasons You Should Use an Animated TV Commercial to Increase Your Sales – Austin Visuals Reports

More and more, business are using animation for their commercials. We think there are at least eight reasons they might be doing this. Hopefully you’ll be one of these clever people after reading, if you aren’t already are.


1. First off, live-action ads require models, actors, and their crews. If they are popular, then scheduling will likely be a problem. It may also cause you problems if they are busy with other assignments, fall ill or leave the country.

2.  Money can be a real problem, as it’s expensive to hire popular (and recognizable) actors and models. There might even be extra fees involved, as some managers may charge according to where the ad is shown.

3.  It may be difficult to navigate the red tape needed to use the images of some models and actors. Thus it may not be easy to fulfill many concepts.

4.  The popularity of models and actresses can come and go.  Since they are human, an artist can easily become the butt of a scandal which may cause an ebbing of their popularity.

5.  Live TV ads face many more issues than animated ones do; animated ads face none of the issues listed above. The popularity of animated characters can be eternal and timeless. Shaggy and Scooby, anyone?

6.  With animation you can create anything your imagination can dream up. The sky really is the limit. You’re not limited by sets or pesky laws of physics or the need to keep your actors alive. Take your ad to Venus if you want or black out the entire Eastern seaboard. You can do anything!

7.  Combining animation with live actors, models or environments creates a super cool advertisement. Look at all the mobile handset ads coming out that combine live elements with special effects.

8.  You might not think so, but animated ads are usually cheaper to produce than live ones. You have avoid the third party ad agency, though, and deal directly with the animation house.  It’s common practice with ad agencies to utilize the concepts of the animation company they subcontract to instead of coming up with their own. Then they charge a fat fee for their trouble!  As you might imagine, an animation company alone charges less to deal with you directly when they don’t have to deal with an agency. You save money in the long run, as the animated ad is in many cases more affordable than a live ad.


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