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MSI Laptop Commercial Video

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Commercial Created by Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio for Global Laptop Manufacturer MSI – Just In

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, an Animation Studio that specializes in producing 3D Animation for Advertising, Feature Film, and Television Commercials, just finished a new Commercial for Global Laptop Manufacturer MSI. The commercial Austin Visuals created was to assist MSI’s marketing efforts for the launch of their latest new laptop line the GT70 and GT60. This laptop was built specifically for gaming and enhances the user experience by offering increased speed and laptop cooling options. Austin Visuals is very proud of working with such a high-profile client as MSI. Here’s the commercial, enjoy.

Case Study : MSI approached Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio and made a request that the Studio make a fully animated commercial. The commercial upon final release would be used to increase sales, and used to help MSI spread the word about the laptop launch and generate buzz about its key feature improvements over previous generations. CEO Matthew Winters, worked closely with MSI to deliver this commercial along with his Austin Visuals Team of Expert Animators and Producers. They delivered the commercial from concept-to-launch in just under 3 weeks.

MSI originally brought Austin Visuals limited reference to start the project; however, Austin Visuals’ team of creative Artists and Producers worked continually with MSI until a product was delivered they were more than happy with. Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, never stops working until they deliver something their clients are impressed and completely happy with. Upon completion of this project, MSI wrote Austin Visuals this letter expressing their thanks for a project well done and completed to their satisfaction.

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio

A Letter from MSI to Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio —

“Austin Visuals,

On behalf of the entire team here at MSI, we would like to thank you for helping us produce this GT70-GT60 video. We set out with a vision to represent our battleship key visual and new product together, and we believe Austin Visuals hit the nail on the head! We are very happy with how the video and sound editing came out, and believe our intended message will be well received by our audience.

Special thanks to the Austin Visuals Team for all your patience and incredible visual work, this project could not have been done without you. Once again, Big Thanks and Appreciation to the whole team at Austin Visuals!


– MSI ”

CEO Matthew Winters Discusses what it was like to work on such a large project, ” It was really fun working with MSI. They were professional and offered great feedback on our designs as we made this commercial for them. We also redesigned their Battleship Logo they use for their company. There’s always a lot of moving parts involved when you’re making an Animated commercial, but I thank my Austin Visuals Team for producing such a great commercial that is likely to really drives sales for MSI. I’m extremely happy that MSI enjoyed their final product and continue to say great things about our work.”

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio is home to a powerhouse team of elite Animation Experts that specialize in producing high-quality 3D animation, architectural renderings, television commercials, web commercials, videography, and visual effects deliverables for a local and global client base.  Their team of specialists include award-winning animators, graphic designers, concept artists, producers, and technical directors integrating experienced veterans with innovative young talent from the world’s most prestigious animation educational programs. The core of the company’s talent pool draws from the most creative, innovative, and skilled artists in the world.


Some of Austin Visual’s clients include companies such as NASA, MSI, Pinnacle Potash International, University of Texas, Spiderwood Studios, Saskastoon Canadian Airport Authority, just to name a few. Delivering hundreds of projects to satisfied customers around the world is an achievement Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio remains proud of.


At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio we specialize in providing the following 3D Animation and Video Services:

  • 3D Animation, FX, and 3D Renderings
  • Animation, Video Production, and Graphics from concept-to-completion

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