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Ad Agency Marketing Lessons From An Iconic Aussie Brand

Undergarment Boxer shorts from an Marketing Lessons in Ad Agency From an Iconic Aussie Brand

Austin Visuals is home to artists from all over the United States. When researching about the numerous fields that we help aid, our information came from all over! We needed a basic knowledge of marketing and several places had their different marketing lessons. So, this is an article that was written by Annabel Acton that is specific to Australians but made us take note. Because we create custom 2D and 3D animations for companies trying to expand their clientele, this article was perfect. For this blog, we picked out our favorite snipets so if you are interested in learning more, read the full article here.


Select Your Brand Ambassador Wisely

Australians are notorious for their tall poppy syndrome and can see through a fake or arrogant ambassador instantly. These sorts of missteps destroy brand equity in a flash. The number one rule Tradie uses when selecting any brand ambassador is fondly named the ‘beer test’. The brand asks if a regular Aussie who bumps into the ambassador at the local pub or event feels comfortable enough to share a beer and a few stories without being moved along. If a potential ambassador is genuinely this type of person, he’s spot on for Tradie.

Realistic billboard with lights outdoors Free Vector

Accept The Mayhem And Embrace Your Constraints

In an environment of fast paced growth it’s easy for the day-to-day mayhem to take control and stifle creativity, innovation and a accelerate the loss of brand DNA. With these circumstances as a permanent backdrop, it’s critical to force yourself to take time out to think, creatively and with as much ferocity as you did in year one. Tradie make a habit of carving out dedicated time for innovative thinking, and deliberately interrupt the myopic focus on finances, logistics and approvals. On top of this, the team are committed to celebrating wins, no matter how small, and enjoy their status as the #2 player in the market. Goodfellow says, “It’s more fun to nip at the heels of the internationally owned multinational player who’s excessive overheads and red tape make it the ideal competitor to challenge”.

Not sure if this is relevant anywhere?

Over time the word Tradie has begun to mean so much more to Australians than just Tradesmen, it is now the proud identity of blue collar Australians working in any numbers of jobs.


Interested In Starting Your Marketing Journey?

Look to further! At Austin Visuals we create custom content for our clients. First, we listen to your wants and needs while getting an idea about your competition. Then, we work closely with you to create the best content for your budget. Above all, budgets never set us back, it is always our goal to produce the best content for you. Storyboards and scripts are sent to you for critique so that what you get is what you wanted and more!

This is an example of our work for a car dealership in Baton Rouge:

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