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Cost of Animated Music Video

By June 4, 2022July 15th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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The features you choose will determine the cost of your animated music video. Some services are included in the cost, while others are extra. You will need to pay storyboarding and script writing in addition to the actual production. Although professional voiceover artists will increase the cost, you will still be able get high-quality audio. Custom soundtracks are also costly, so you should consider using stock audio files for sound effects instead.

Animation in 2D

2D animation is a key aspect of any music video. 2D animation costs between $100 and $800 per hour, depending on the style and amount of concept artwork. A company will need more assets to create a video. This means that the cost per minute is higher. The following are some examples of 2D animation costs for music videos. You should hire a 2D animation company in Eastern Europe or Asia if you are working on a large project. Eastern Europe and Asia offer animation that is more affordable than American, but still offers a professional experience.

Animated Music Video Cost

Prices vary depending on the type of animation. The most basic type of animation involves photographing and manipulating physical objects. Photos are then played in rapid succession to give the illusion of movement. While some animated objects are made from clay, ready-made products are more affordable. It doesn’t matter if you are using animation in a music video, or for an ad campaign. Before you hire an animation company, make sure you fully understand the process.

Cut-out animation

Cut-out animation is one of the most appealing forms of stop motion animation. This technique involves creating scenes, characters, or props from cut-out paper. This method involves using a puppeteer in order to move the parts of the cut-out characters. This animation is great for fast-paced action and continuous movement. The cost of this type of animation is usually less than $500.

Traditional music videos feature hand-drawn characters. The process is expensive and time-consuming, but the results are fluid and of high quality. Cut-out animation requires half the time and is more cost-effective. This style is preferred by musicians, and can be as low as $200 to $500 per minute. How much does it cost for a music video to be produced? Listed below are the basic costs involved in a cut-out music video.

Additional services available

The cost of an animated music video may vary greatly depending on the style, genre, and timeframe. The timeframe and the amount of animation that a studio will need to complete a video can also influence the cost. For example, the cost of creating a video for a short-term client will be higher than the cost of an animated video that requires several months of production. Animated music videos also require a professional voiceover artist.

The animation process can include both 3D and 2D animation depending on the project’s complexity. The price of these extras will be outlined in your contract. Animation music videos can include some services such as character design or illustrations. However, there are some companies that charge more than PS20,000 per minute. The complexity of a project can affect the cost of an animated video.

GuitaristCost of an animated music video | Austin Visuals

Investment required

You will need to find out how much it costs for an animated music video to be made. The production process is an art, and each stage requires its own set of skills and resources. Although this may seem like a small investment in time, each stage adds to the overall cost. The following is a breakdown of the types of costs involved. Before you decide on a budget, ask yourself the following questions.

First, consider the length of your video. A thirty-second video will be much cheaper to produce than a full-length one. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for the actors’ time, which can be expensive. A short video is a great way to promote an event or a simple video. Animations can be a great way to promote a brand and create substantial brand equity.

Animated Music Video Production Company | Austin Visuals

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