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The Magic Behind a 3D Animation Demo Reel

How to Make an Animated Product Demo Video That Will Inspire Your Customers


An animated product demo video is a great way to motivate customers and inspire them to buy. In this article, we’ll look at how IKEA uses animated videos to sell white Adidas sneakers, a sit-stand desk riser, slacks, and more. While they may seem simple enough, these videos can inspire customers and help you win their business. Here are some tips to make an animated product demo video that’s sure to inspire your customers.

IKEA’s Mobile Sales Tool

IKEA’s animated product demo video works on two levels: first, it uses virtual reality technology to make the user experience more realistic and authentic. Second, it emphasizes live action and VR tech to establish credibility. The video also uses the voice of a human subject to provide context and make the message more relatable. In short, it’s a mobile sales tool that makes buying furniture easier.

IKEA’s animated product demo video can be watched anywhere, on any device. This helps the salesperson show a customer how a product works. This video includes phone screen shots to help the customer visualize it. Another IKEA Place app video shows the app in action by using actors to portray real-life scenarios. This mobile sales tool also promotes the app’s ease-of-use and eliminates skepticism of buying a product online.

IKEA’s Slack

The company’s latest animation is a clever attempt at a promotional technique. Instead of using an old-fashioned sales pitch, it pulls together recognizable components and then adds in the rest. It also mentions a new augmented reality program and shows people working on the new quarters. It is a great example of how a video can be a more effective way of selling a product than a sales pitch.

The IKEA place product demo video introduces the new app, which allows you to put IKEA furniture into an image of your home. The video also features clips of actual people using the furniture. The voiceover in the video tells the story of the app’s functionality, while a series of single words describes each step. The product demo video has become an incredibly popular way to showcase the company’s newest product.

IKEA’s Sunshine Product Demo Video

Animation has many benefits when it comes to video content. It helps create characters that are easy to understand and evoke emotions, and it gives your audience a visual representation of the product’s features. The voiceover can also play an important role. This type of animation is more effective than promotional videos, since you have only 30 seconds to convey your main message. In addition to animation, live-action videos are also an effective choice when it comes to product demonstrations.

Another example of animated animation is using a mobile sales tool. Salespeople can use this tool to find new products for customers and come up with solutions for their customers while on the road. A mobile sales tool such as this helps IKEA create product demo videos on the go, showcasing dynamic motion graphics and excellent sound & music design. The IKEA sunshine product demo video uses Kentico, a Marketing Automation Software that focuses on user engagement. Kentico’s software automatically connects web browsing with marketing campaigns.

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