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Animation Company in USA

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Finding an Animation Company in the USA

Whether you need a cartoon, a short film, a web series or another animated project, you can find an animation company in the USA. You can choose from a number of animation studios, including Cartoon Saloon, AnimEigo, Media Blasters, Toon City, and more. There are a number of advantages of working with an animation company in the USA. The benefits of these companies are as follows:

Cartoon Saloon

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How to Join the Metaverse?

After producing a feature film that received numerous awards, Cartoon Saloon expanded to produce its first television show in the United States, “Wolfwalkers.” The series is a family-oriented animated series about a young puffin named Oona. It has received a surprising amount of success, racking up more than fifty million views in its first six weeks on Tencent Video. The show was nominated for an Emmy award and has since been aired on Netflix. The company has been in business for sixteen years.

The team at Cartoon Saloon has recently expanded to include Python Developer Gary Chadwick, who has contributed to Deadline’s development. They have also made a few tweaks to the pipeline. Animators can now choose to render just specific layers, while file naming and management is handled automatically. This allows artists to save time without having to worry about naming and managing files manually. Deadline has improved the quality of their pipeline and has earned the praise of many animators.


AnimEigo is an American entertainment company focused on distributing Japanese cinema, manga, and anime to the United States and other parts of the world. Founded in 1988 by Robert Woodhead and Roe R. Adams III, AnimEigo was one of the first companies in North America to distribute these types of films. The company has released numerous popular anime titles, including “Samurai Films,” “Urusei Yatsura: The Last Samurai,” “Samurai Cinema,” and “Ninkyo.”

AnimEigo and Media Blasters are two companies that specialize in the distribution of Japanese films and manga. AnimEigo was founded in 1988, and Streamline followed in ’89. In the United States, media theaters often struggle to screen foreign films, and both companies rely heavily on film festivals and other alternative distribution venues. As a result, both companies have released several films focusing on a wide variety of genres.

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Media Blasters

As one of the largest independent publishers of anime, animation companies in the USA, and classic live-action programs, Media Blasters has been at the forefront of animation since it was founded in 1990. The company has released hundreds of animated movies and TV shows in the past 20 years, including popular franchises like Puppet Princess and Phoenix. Its recent layoffs have caused some of its employees to rethink their future plans, but it still has plenty of exciting projects on the horizon.

AnimEigo was founded in 1988 by Robert Woodhead. It specializes in licensing Japanese films and distributing anime. Media Blasters was founded in 1997 by Sam Liebowitz and John Sirabella. The company distributes a range of anime, from “clean” to “Hentai”-themed titles. It also publishes manga and distributes it online. Despite its small size, Media Blasters continues to grow its reputation.

Toon City

Toon City is an animation company based in Manila, Philippines. It started in 1993 and currently employs more than 400 artists. The company is the primary contractor for Disneytoon Studios, and it has worked on nearly every recent Disney TV series. Its studios cover more than three thousand square feet of space in Manila. In 2012, Toon City switched to digital animation, transforming from traditional drawing to drawing on screens.

The Philippines is a particularly hotspot for animation outsourcing, as it has one of the highest rates of job growth in the country. While it is home to some of the country’s largest companies, the city has also seen a sharp decline in productivity. A recent news report from the Philippines has hints of structural issues elsewhere. Toon City is one of many outsourcing companies operating in the Philippines. The company is headquartered in the state’s capital, and its staff members are located in different states around the country.


The animation studio Pixomondo is also a major player in the field of digital visual effects. With studios in Beijing, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Toronto, Pixomondo has an impressive portfolio of credits. Its employees are responsible for numerous Emmys, including a win for Hugo for a series they worked on. They have been nominated for awards on Westworld, Star Trek Discovery, and Game of Thrones.

The company’s virtual production workflows have allowed the team to create a variety of animated content quickly and efficiently. Pixomondo has built its own LED stage for use in virtual reality applications. To achieve this, the company is developing Unreal Engine throughput in Toronto and plans to expand the technology to other locations. Several of the animation studio’s employees are also involved in early decision-making processes for projects.


In 1998, the DreamWorks Animation Company in the USA produced its first feature-length animated film, Antz. This animated film earned DreamWorks three times its budget in its initial release. It was followed by The Prince of Egypt, a musical drama adapted from the Book of Exodus. Both films were a mixture of traditional animation and computer animation, and the latter brought DreamWorks its first Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song.

While Disney Animation Studios continues to dominate the world of animated movies, the DreamWorks group has expanded its focus beyond the film industry. The company recently announced plans to release five new animated series on Peacock. In addition, it has announced the continuation of its partnership with Netflix and the production of four new animated features in 2021. These releases will include the continuation of some of its existing franchises and a new narrative called ‘The Bad Guys’.

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