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Are Explainer Videos Expensive To Make?

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Are Explainer Videos Expensive To Make?

Explainer videos explain a process or a product of a company or an organization. It is usually animated and can last a minute or more depending on the client’s requirement. It can cost you anything between $1500 and $15000 and if it’s from a renowned producer then expect it to range between $5000 and $10000. Enjoy our Explainer Video example below:

Now you must be wondering why explainer videos are expensive and for that you need to know how they are made.

So why don’t we get to know what it actually involves doing.

The crowning glory – Writing the script

This step requires careful research, collating of ideas and creating a storyline. The scriptwriter will need to understand your company and product well to come up with a concept that is effective. Putting this as the foremost point indicates its importance because a script provides the framework of the video.

Getting your hands dirty – Designing and storyboarding

This stage requires finalizing the design elements, the color scheme, characters etc. which will appear in the video. It also includes the storyboarding process that prepares a minutely detailed pictorial script to show on board what the video will consist of.

This process also takes some time because it is something which requires a consensus from both the creative side as well as the client’s. But having this done is very important because then you know what you are going to get in the end.

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The crux of the matter – Voiceover and Animation

With this step begins your actual work and it also takes the longest amount of time.  The voiceover is recorded first with the help of the script you already have and a voiceover artist. With the recorded voiceover, the script and the design elements the animator starts animating/editing your video. With the finishing of this step you will get to see how your video looks finally.

Down to the nitty gritties – Sound effects and music

The finishing touch comes with the sound engineer mixing the voiceover, background music and sound effects.  Though this seems an easy thing to do if not well done it can actually spoil the visuals because the audio should effectively complement the video.

Though the cost of making an explainer video may seem to be on the expensive side you now know that creating it is extremely time consuming and needs specialized effort.


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