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Explainer Video Marketing Solutions with a Local Animation CompanyEXPLAINER VIDEO CREATION SERVICES – Well hi there and thanks for stopping by.  Chances are you’re here because you need a how to, when to, why to explainer video.  Let’s get right to it.

Why Austin Visuals is a “different” explainer video company,

We’re going to begin our relationship with you by asking:  What do you want to accomplish? Your answer is going to guide everything we do together.


We’ve been around the web looking at explainer videos just as much (probably more) than you have to ensure that our approach to corporate explainer videos, and the whole explainer video production is better than most.  You’re not looking at a quick fix and we’re not going to offer you one that could have come out of a xerox machine.  


Here’s Austin Visuals approach to explainer video production:  WE MAKE OUR WORK CUSTOM JUST FOR YOU.


Our custom approach to making you the best possible explainer video doesn’t mean it’s more expensive.  It does mean we don’t have a formula, a one size fits all approach to our work.  We listen to you and apply our skills in creative development (scripting, storyboarding, listening to you, reading about your customers and competitors) to write the words and develop the images that work to sell, promote, or introduce your product.



That’s easy.  The most expensive explainer video ever produced is the one that didn’t work.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, if you don’t start with a script that is aimed at the goal you’ve defined, you can fail.  You’ll lose time and money. Avoid this by choosing a company like Austin Visuals that is experienced in what works and doesn’t work.  



Let’s begin with what is cheapest in dollars spent.  Yes, we know, you’ve looked at those site that say make your own video it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s only $9.99 or some ridiculous price that makes you go “hmmmm mayyyybeee”.  If you can do that and do that well, we’d like to hire you.

Our degreed and experienced 2D and Motion Graphics animators can use programs like Rawshorts and Powtoons to develop explainer videos and yes they cost less to produce than our custom drawn characters, environments, and situations.  

Most often we add custom items like special buildings, or import videos and graphics, add custom narration and music because those DIY videos just don’t hold up against your competition without some expert help.

If you’re comfortable with using preset character design and limited backgrounds then we are happy to give you the low cost benefits of programmed videos – but we still start with comprehensive creative development.

  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Listening to you
  • Reading about your customers
  • Reviewing your competitors
  • Writing the words and develop the images that work to sell, promote, or introduce your product.

Our custom-aided preprogrammed explainer videos with a couple custom touches start at $1,000 for 30 seconds and they can take a week or less to produce.  

If they meet your brand strategy, these are cost-efficient ways to add explainer videos to your website or social media.

And here’s a promise – these less expensive explainer video solutions receive our attention as much as the more complex corporate explainer videos or custom explainer videos we produce because we know every dollar you invest is critical to your success.

We used this approach to help our customer launch an online training company.  Here’s a sample of the 45 videos we did for him:




Most frequently, we work with new companies, established corporations and everyone in between to create custom 2D and 3D explainer videos that are targeted and specific demographics and written and produced to achieve sales and promotion while adhering to branding standards.  

When we work with you to create your corporate explainer video, for example, we’ll use your graphic standards and colors to not only explain what you’re doing that is new or better, we’ll make sure it’s recognizable as part of your ongoing media strategy.

When we worked with NEW CREW, we helped them solve the problem of encouraging millennials to sign up for a friend – not dating – service.  This was a website and social media explainer video. Our script approach was a little snarky and fun with custom characters they identified with at a very low budget number – well, take a look and see for yourself.


Austin Visuals worked with an area electrician to promote his business on YouTube with an explainer video.  This is a classic 3D “how to” explainer at a budget price:


And, here’s an explainer video used to introduce a new product by citing how it works and improves safety:


EXPLAINER VIDEO CREATION SERVICES – Many times, large corporations come to us to introduce a new service to investors.  That’s what AT&T labs did. This 3D animation is more complex and “dense” than others and it required significant custom animation.  Was it costly? Nope, because the dollars spent did the job.




By now you should have seen something that relates to you and your goals, and we’re proud of our work here and that which is shown on our website www.austinvisuals.com.


EXPLAINER VIDEO CREATION SERVICES : Now we want to know what your needs are. How can we help you find the best solution for the explainer video that meets your goals and objectives?


Call us.  There’s no charge for a consultation and exchange of ideas! ( 512) 591-8024, email us [email protected] or Request a Quote by clicking HERE.

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