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How To Make Explainer Videos

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LUCY, IT’S ALL ABOUT THOSE EXPLAINER VIDEOS   Explainer videos – or how to why to when to videos – are everywhere.  And, if you aren’t using them, well, your marketing might not be going anywhere. Need to change your oil – look it up on YouTube.  Cooking something divine – look it up on YouTube. So, when I visit…

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HOW TO STOP WASTING TIME – APPLY THESE MARKETING LESSONS IN REACH AND FREQUENCY FOR CEO’S AND CMO’S   I could have titled this, “things I learned from offshore marketers” who flood my inbox from India.  They’re relentless with their google translated English, but I have to give them props for understanding that you have to reach out with frequency to…

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Best Ways To Promote Your Business And Brand Your Company

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The “Promote Your Company” Challenge You are looking to promote your business and your company needs an updatable “demo” reel. It’s the digital age folks.  Even David Ogilvy’s bible on advertising has been updated.  What the heck is a corporate demo reel? Once upon a time, it was enough to publish a booklet or brochure and mail it to your constituency…

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