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Animation Makers in Texas

By July 3, 2022July 16th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
Animation Makers

If you’re looking for an animation maker in Texas, you’re in luck. Here are the average salaries for animators in Texas:

Average Salary Range for an Animator in Texas

animation makers in Texas

Animation Makers | Austin Visuals

As an aspiring animator in Texas, you’re in luck. In Texas, an average annual salary of $44,750 is available. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are approximately 2,480 animator jobs across Texas, up from 2,460 in 2017. This is a 24% increase over 2017!

The salary range for animators in Texas is about the same as that for other types of artists, with the exception of those who work in a government department. In Texas, however, the average salary for an animator falls between $31,700 and $40,000, compared to $48,700 for other professions. Animators earn slightly less than those in the private sector, but the difference is minimal. The median salary for this job in the public sector is $40,477.

Animators typically work on their own, although they can also be part of a team for larger projects. Animators are self-employed, but they can also work remotely. However, there are still some who are employed full-time by motion picture or advertising companies. They can pick a work schedule that suits their needs. If they wish, they can choose to specialize in a particular area.

The Average Salary for an Animator in Houston

Average Salaries For Animation Makers in Texas

Salary for an Animation Makers in Houston | Austin Visuals

Houston, Texas has an average annual gross salary of $51,182, which is about $25 an hour. This is 5% more than the national average. An average bonus of $1305 is also offered by the city. The average salary for entry-level animators is $37,957 and the average salary for senior animators is $62,169. The low cost of living in Houston is the main reason for this growth.

A college degree can help you earn a better starting salary, as with all professions. An animator in Houston, Texas earns approximately 35 USD an hour. This is lower than the average hourly wage for a similar job in other areas of the country, but much higher than the national average. However, higher education will pay off in the long run, as the salary increase is typically double that of a college education.

If you want to pursue a career as an animator, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a location. Houston has a growing animation industry which opens up many opportunities. Although there are fewer animators than other cities in the United States, salaries in Houston are still very high. With the city’s population, the city offers great outdoor activities, great shopping, and a great food scene.

Salary Range for an Animator in Dallas

An animator’s average annual salary is $90126 with an average bonus payout of $1,208. Based on anonymous surveys taken from Dallas employees, this compensation level was calculated. The cost of living data for animators is based on effective income tax rates, cost of housing, and gasoline prices. To get a better idea of the pay of animators in Dallas, TX, see the detailed salary report below.

Salary range for an animator in dallas

Animation Makers | Austin Visuals

Animators with less than two years of experience earn an average of 43,800 USD annually. If you’re an animator with  five to ten years of experience, you could earn an average of 78,200 USD per year. Additionally, animators with more than ten years of experience make a median salary of 103,000 USD. The range of salaries depends on experience, but is typically more than double that of employees with only a few years of experience.

The average salary for animators is $56,990 USD/year, or $35/hour in Dallas, Texas. This includes housing, transportation, as well as other benefits. Salaries for animators vary considerably depending on the industry they work in, their experience, their location, and their skills. If you are an independent animator and are looking for a career in animation, Texas is the place to be.

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