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Healthcare Animation – Best Healthcare Video Production & Marketing Solutions

Healthcare Marketing Challenges – Unique Solutions – One of the solutions is still video, but 10 times better video.

Almost every hospital is using web video as a vehicle to engage care consumers and generate results. Especially in hospital marketing, healthcare animation can help boost click-through rates and assist in capturing leads. So here’s the caveat – video isn’t going to cut it in 2021 and beyond.

You’ll need a video that is 10 times better than the competition to stand out. Don’t panic. That’s what we do at Austin Visuals. With our healthcare animation, through our Healthcare Marketing Solutions we’ll help you tell a story that inspires loyalty and engages consumers while it helps outshine the competition. The reason web video is popular among consumers — particularly healthcare consumers — is its ability to translate serious subject matter into interesting and relatable stories.

Healthcare Animation Company

Healthcare Animation – Let Us Tell Your Story

Video that is 10 times better should have a plot, climax and a resolution. Much like a movie, it should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope. If you tell a great story, consumers will want to become part of the next chapter. Let Austin Visuals tell your story then show it to the world. More than 70% of your patient base is deciding whether – or not – to choose your services before they ever contact you.

“That’s OK” you say. “I have a website.” Well, fellow healthcare marketer, a website that talks only about you and your services doesn’t build trust or business. Patients doing research are looking for help, not just your sales pitch. Once people get to your website, Austin Visuals can help you nurture that contact with compassionate, compelling contact to turn them from visitors to customers. We’ll work with you to reach your patients and clinicians with meaningful information, emotional stories, and immersive fact-based studies. We’ll help you use big data to specifically target your message by age, gender, and location.

Healthcare animation: Our Services

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Healthcare Animation: Generating Revenue For Your Facility

We’ll help you design and implement tools can build business for your owned or managed physician practices, surgery centers, rehabilitation and diagnostic departments, and freestanding emergency centers.

We can provide support for your primary Healthcare Marketing Solutions objectives:

  • Growing new customers
  • Increasing loyalty, referrals, and retention
  • Increasing customer engagement
  • Generating business or owned or managed practices/ancillary services
  • Improving the return on advertising spend

2021 is a year of change in healthcare.  Make sure your marketing is up to the challenge of the rapidly evolving health care system  Call us for a free consultation today.

Have a Healthcare Marketing Solutions Project in Mind That You Would Like to Discuss?

Talk to us about your unique needs and goals, so we can design the perfect strategy that will take your idea to the next level, and will communicate your procedure effectively through medical visualization. Contact us today, call (512) 591-8024 or email us at [email protected] with your inquiry. See more work examples at or at our Medical Animation division here.

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