Forensic 3D Animation


Are you looking for ways to visually recreate an accident using 3D Computer Graphics?
Looking for a unique way to present your case in mediation or at trial?
Do you have a complex scenario you need to communicate to your audience?

Forensic Engineers, Investigators, and Attorneys are often faced with the challenges of communicating complex events and technical issues to judges, juries, and courtrooms. Today’s jury has become more sophisticated and they have come to expect visuals and forensic animation to help them understand expert’s testimony and facts from the case. Forensic animation which is a category of 3D animation, is used for re-creating crime scenes, criminal events, accidents or disasters that have caused death. Animation is one of the best ways available to accurately communicate and breakdown complex events and ideas into one simple message audiences can easily understand. It’s credible, engaging, and memorable.


Austin Visuals Animation has had the privilege of producing 3D Animation for high profile trials such as the Fred Yazdi case where there was a dispute at a suburban property area in Austin, TX that resulted in a shooting. Our 3D Animation was submitted as key evidence to communicate to the court the chain of events that transpired. Our 3D visuals helped clarify a complex chain of events through clear and accurate visuals presented to the court.

Since 2007, Austin Visuals 3d animation studio has been trusted by attorneys, investigators, and insurance professionals to produce the most detailed and accurate, animation to prosecute or defend major court cases. Austin Visuals has become an industry leader in producing successful forensic and scientific animation in criminal trials, mediation, and court cases around the nation. Our Forensic Animation Team are experts in 3d visualization and specialize in accident reconstruction as well as video and demonstrative aids. Our forensic and engineering experts work closely with our animation team so that we can produce the most highly accurate custom animation and graphics possible. Only the most experienced forensic animators are skilled at visualizing factual information, by including every fact and detail and applying scientific data, engineering principles, mechanical expertise or other pertinent data, they can create a photo-realistic, believable scenario for jurors. Our Forensic Animation Experts are adept to working with attorneys, and expert witnesses to produce the most clear, objective, and highly accurate animation that meets and exceeds any engineering and legal standards. We create custom animation for you through investigation, analysis, and animation production. The end result you’ll expect is a communicated presentation that is technical, accurate, and easy to understand.

Crude 3D computer animations run the risk of alienating jurors who have become accustomed to the ultra realistic computer graphics of film and video games. Austin Visuals uses industry leading tools for 3D imaging and Animation Software available such as, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Maya 3D Animation, 3D Studio Max, and Photomodeler.

We understand that time and money have been heavily invested in your case. Success now depends on whether you translate this investment into a compelling case that can be effectively presented to the jury at trail or the opposition at mediation.  In the end, your success is determined by how effective you are at getting others to understand and accept your position.

What makes Austin Visuals Different?

• Expertise.  Our training and experience enables us to provide you with a thorough, and competent graphics that will communicate to your clients in a clear and credible manner what happened. Some of our clients refer to us as their “In Pocket Experts.” Our knowledge frequently comes in handy when planning how to teach your complex topic to a jury through the use of a technical animation tailored to your presentation needs as an attorney.
• Experience.  Each of our experts has worked with hundreds of trial teams.  We have been creating litigation graphics for years and have experience teaching complex ideas to juries and judges.  Additionally, nearly all of Austin Visuals’ artists and animators have been part of the company as long as the experts.
• Process.  We provide 24/7 availability to draft material that is posted in a secure FTP site. We facilitate a back-and-forth process because it produces excellent graphics, and because it often helps legal teams refine the themes that will be used in the courtroom….you may find our scientific and engineering expertise comes in handy too!

Austin Visuals provides 3D animation services for any area of law: Environmental, Aviation. Commercial litigation, Antitrust, Pharmaceutical, Product liability, Accident reconstruction, Construction law, Intellectual property, and Wrongful Death. At each and every phase, every detail must relate and correspond directly with the investigative facts, eyewitness reports, photographs, and expert testimony.


Costs vary depending on each case; however, most cases range between $5,000 – $50,000. Cases involving human motion are usually the most costly to recreate due to the complexity of the motion and precision is a time intensive process. Please call us for questions about our fees.

Use Austin Visuals Animation Studio for the following forensic services:

• Accident Reconstruction ( 3D Simulation and Visualizations, Commercial vehicle accidents, Wrongful death, Personal Injury, Civil and Structural Engineering, Ballistics and Firearms )
Forensic Animation ( Product Animations, Medical Animations, Vehicle automobile car, truck, ATV, and Motorcycle accidents  )
• Accident investigation
• Diagrams and Visual Aids
• Exhibits and 3D Models
• 3D Digital Forensics

Save time and money using Animation to visualize and communicate your evidence. We can help you to communicate critical details aided by precise legal graphics and technical animation.  When you hire our Austin Visuals team, you benefit from our expertise and experience in preparing trial graphics.

To Speak to an Austin Visuals Project Manager at our Office, Call us Now at (512) 591-8024, email us: [email protected] or CLICK HERE to request a FREE consultation and quote. Contact us now to see how can make a difference in your court case. – Thank you from the Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Team.