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Five Motion Graphic Companies

motion graphic company

Having a video for your business can cost a fortune if you’re not careful. Even with the best budget, you might not be able to afford an effective motion graphic video. You’ll also waste time and money creating an ineffective video, and it may not even get the desired results. To create a successful video, you must use a motion graphic company. A storyteller will also engage your audience emotionally and effectively communicate your message. Facts don’t win hearts, but a good story can.

Blur Studio

Blur Studio is a small, 95-person motion graphic company that specializes in creating visually striking, narrative-based visuals for film and television. Founded in 1996, the company specialized in in-game cinematics for several years but has expanded to include box-office exposure in recent years. Blur has remained a small, family-run company while growing to become an industry leader. Founded by strong entrepreneurs, the company has a long list of credits, including the opening and closing titles for movies like The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Thor.

The company has received numerous awards for its work. Blur has produced all of the space sequences for James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster, Avatar. Other recent projects include the television and film trailers for LucasArts‘ Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. In the gaming industry, Blur has produced the cinematic trailer for Batman: Arkham City and the game’s first and third installments. The company also recently remastered the original Halo cutscenes for the Halo Wars 2 game. Other recent projects include spearheading two large campaigns for Toshiba, as well as creative work for Pepperdeeddie Farm’s Goldfish Crackers.

Flow Production and Post of motion graphic company

Flow Production and Post is a commercial production and video post-production company with offices in Philadelphia and New York. It specializes in high-end corporate videos and commercials and provides video editing services including motion graphics, visual effects, music editing, and color grading. The company has a small team of less than 10 professionals and works with enterprise and mid-market companies to produce the best possible videos.

Flow Production and Post specializes in corporate videos. Their services are available for clients throughout the Philadelphia area. Their services also include the creation of social media video content, live-action and animated videos, as well as training and marketing videos. Flow Production and Post is not affiliated with Indeed, but has received positive reviews from clients around the country. If you need a motion graphics company, check out the companies listed below:

The Corporate Film Guys

The Corporate Film Guys is a friendly, dependable partner in video marketing. Their clients include Apple, Google, and other global companies. Whether you’re looking for a simple animated ad to help spread the word about your product, or you need a complex corporate video to promote a new product, they have you covered. And the best part is, they offer free E-books on video marketing! So get started today!

Gizmo _ Motion Graphic Company

Gizmo Animation Studio is a private company that specializes in Animation. Their annual revenue is estimated at $1 million. Founded in 2002, the company provides a range of services, including character development, visual effects, production, and post-production services. In addition, they create high-end cinematics for gaming companies. They also develop and execute branded content for broadcast and interactive digital media. The company also has a wide range of experience in the field, including experience in television and in the corporate world.

The Gizmo animation studio has over a decade of experience in creating commercial content in various mediums. Gizmo is based in Buenos Aires, with offices in Madrid and Mexico City. Their team of award-winning creative directors and animators specializes in creating cinematic quality and engaging storytelling.

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