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3D Animation News. Austin Visuals Blog is the largest animation blog on the Internet, presenting news about animated films, cartoons, 3D Graphics, and CGI technology.

3D computer graphics - Animation Studio

Maintaining Your Online Security: 8 Strong Ways to do it – Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports

By Austin Visuals Blog

We’ve recently seen that digital privacy doesn’t really exist – a case in point being the recent NSA leaks from whistle-blower Ed Snowden in regards to online security. It’s been shown that Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more companies have all given direct server access not only to various US intelligence agencies but also to the federal government at large….

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Using Animation to Market your Business

By Austin Visuals Blog

Using Animation to Market your Business: 4 Ways to Do It – Austin Visuals Reports Animation is certainly not new. Many people have been enjoying animated feature length movies for years now. Did you know, though, that animation can also be used for an excellent marketing tool? You don’t have to make something with the quality of a Disney movie, but…

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Art - Federal Courthouse Plaza

New York Animator Artist Clifford Ross Uses Animation Software to Generate Stained Glass Art

By Austin Visuals Blog

New York Animator – A miraculous and monumental work of stained glass is now housed at the United States Courthouse in Austin, Texas.  The wall is about 28 feet square. weighs almost 6,000 pounds, and is designed by acclaimed New York-based artist Clifford Ross.   Perhaps most importantly, essential to this installation is MAXON’s CINEMA 4D product, which provides the…

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Blender - 3D computer graphics

Need for Computer Animations

By Austin Visuals Blog

Although computer animation does share some characteristics with other visual mediums such as video, when it comes to marketing and advertising it is in a class by itself. It has attributes that no other marketing medium can equal. Here are seven great reasons why your company ought to take advantage of all this dynamic medium has to offer: Animation allows you…

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