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Healthcare Medical Animation Videos

By August 14, 2021 Blog
animated explainer video pricing

Healthcare Medical Animation Videos

Are you looking for more information about how to create Animated Videos for your Healthcare Business? You’re in the right place. There are a few ways these kinds of videos can be created. There is the Do it Yourself method, have someone less skilled create an animation they made for another client before, and there is a completely custom made from scratch approach. All 3 methods are available to you, in areas that we’ll describe below. Our 3D Medical Animation Company Austin Visuals has been producing medical animations since 2007. We have a team of Medical Animators, Medical Creative Directors, Medical Script Writers, and Doctors to help handcraft just about any custom message or procedure you can conceive. If you’d like to contact us visit our website AustinVisuals.com or email us [email protected] Austin Visuals will discuss all the ways Medical Animation can be created.

animated explainer video pricingYou Create Medical Animation Using A Software

There are many online programs like Rawshorts or Powtoons. These types of programs come at a low monthly cost and are possibly simple enough that you may be able to teach yourself how to create your own medical animated video. You might say, that’s great! But I don’t have time for that? To this we say, if this is true for you that you don’t have the time to learn animation techniques then perhaps you can hire a professional like us. We could create an entire video from scratch with minimal direction required on your part, or we can offer you a lower cost on your product by you hiring us to use programs like these so that we can speed up our delivery. The less hours we spend on creating animation, the lower your cost.

corporate video production austinYou hire a less experienced or entry level Animator

An alternative approach to creating the video yourself is hiring an entry level individual animator. The advantage of this approach is you may be able to obtain a low cost on producing a detailed video for yourself. Animators can be found in Art and Animation Colleges, and sometimes on freelance websites. You get to direct them to create what you want to see. Some of the disadvantages of this approach include the fact that sometimes extra oversight is required due to their lack of experience in producing content. Hire someone that has produced 20-50 videos before they understand enough to lead you through how an animated video is created. If they have less experience than this you will be directing the video and managing them, possibly following up with them every day to make sure they are on task and hitting their deadlines and deliverable due dates.

Hire Austin Visuals Medical Animation Studio

If managing a less experienced Animator doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, consider hiring a more experienced company like Austin Visuals 3D Medical Animation Studio to produce your video. We have lots of in-house artists that have  been with us for 7-10 years that we can put on your project to produce the best quality visuals and the most targeted message available. Since we’ve also produced 100’s of videos we know how to hit a deadline and have plenty of experience that we can lead you through the entire medical animated video creation process without your required oversight on the project. Just tell us what you want and we’ll create an entire video for you with minimal direction.

Corporate video marketing agency austinYou hire a Professional Medical Animation Company

If the above options don’t sound appealing, then you may consider creating your animated video by hiring a Professional Medical Animation Company. Surprisingly enough there are not a lot of us. Perhaps there are only 60-100 Medical 3D Animation Companies in the world. We all kind of know each other since it’s a short list of options.

How to Choose who to work with?

When choosing the right company to work with, you’ll want to choose a company that has a good reputation, has happy customers, and is able to demonstrate they can produce what custom content you need. You can determine if they have the skills by looking at their portfolio or work examples on their website. Do they have a lot of work examples? Companies that have been around a long time sometimes have 100’s of work examples to view. Companies that have only been around 1-2 years may have 10 or less work examples on their website to show.

Be a little cautious going with these brand new agencies or companies. Businesses that have only a little work to show may mis-represent their capabilities. We see it all the time. We get clients coming to us after they tried going to a less experienced company and that company failed or could not complete their project. When a company fails on a project like the ones that have been around for 1-2 years, you often have to start the project completely over. Most of the time that company doesn’t give you your money back.

These are some of the reasons you would want to go with a more experienced company like Austin Visuals 3D Medical Animation Studio. We’ve worked on 100’s of medical animation projects and we know what we’re doing. If you’re considering an animated video for your business, consider AustinVisuals.com, email us [email protected] or call/text us +1-512-591-8024. We would enjoy the opportunity to bring your medical animated video project to life.


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