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Animation Cost Expectations | Custom 3D Business Animations

Cost Expectations

How much does 3D Animation Cost?

3-D animation is something we see just about every single day unless you have decided to unplug your life and live in a cabin in the woods (which is cool, if that is your thing). However, we can see 3-D animation on company websites, in the TV shows we watch, and in the games that we play. If you are looking to enhance a portion of your business or develop a tool for your company using 3-D animation, you will need to know how much this custom work will cost you.

Here’s a figure: The movie frozen ran a cost of about $24,510/second. Good news! Your custom 3-D animation is going to cost less than that. Depending on what you desire from your animation, it could cost anywhere from $3,000-1,000,000 as a total estimate. Based on the details that we discuss below, you will find that it is also possible to exceed a budget of 1,000,000 if you see fit.

Here are the steps you can take to determine the cost of your Project:

First, map out what you are looking for and the desired length of the animation that would be appropriate for your needs. The length may have a good deal to do with the final prices. Also, the more animation that is involved and the more necessary components, the higher the price tag will be. Take for instance a commercial that has real-life footage with just one animated character making cameos throughout. This will not run as high as a commercial that is made up solely of 3-D animation, multiple scenes, details, and camera angles. Many videos that are the same length may vary by tens of thousands depending on the amount of animation that has actually been created.

Second, understand what work will need to be done on both ends of the project. 3-D animation developers will be charging for time and skill. Generally, most companies will stick to a competitive rate per minute, but you may find yourself paying slightly higher for experience and quality. If you are working with a highly experienced and highly qualified team, however, then your work may also not take as long to complete, making the final product a worthy investment.

Take a look on your end, will there be any outside costs to you when searching for the right studio? While working with the studio? You may need to assign someone from your team to do the research or hire someone additional. These are cost estimates someone in your financial or marketing team should be able to piece together. It is a good practice to consider such costs that are generated by your company as well.

Next, what is your desired budget? Now that you have an idea of what goes into making a custom animation, put together the maximum you would like to spend. When you do reach out to companies, this will be a good tool for them so they may provide you with demos and discuss options.

Finally, you must research your company. You will want to find a trusted and reputable company with stellar reviews. You may ask a colleague for a reference or start sifting through resources you find online or via local buzz. Once you find a few options you will notice that most companies will offer a quote for the work you are looking to get done. This will help you to get a better idea of the cost range. Keep in mind, that it is subject to go up or down, given any changes or additional requests that you make.

Your animation costs will be what you make them. Expect to pay an industry-standard minimum fee and find comfort in knowing that, provided you have found a stellar team, the creative options are endless!



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