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EndRevolutionizing Wound Care with Endoform Collagen Dressing

Endoform, a game-changer in the wound care industry, is a collagen dressing that has revolutionized the healing process for both acute and chronic wounds. This innovative product, previously known as Hollister Endoform Dermal Template Antimicrobial, is a sterile, single-use dressing derived from ovine forestomach extracellular matrix (ECM). It supports all phases of wound healing by providing an optimal environment for new tissue growth.

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What Does It Do?

The power of Endoform lies in its ability to address the root cause of chronic wounds rather than just managing symptoms. It achieves this through a unique process called bacterial modulation, which inhibits the proteases of wound bacteria, allowing the collagen in Endoform to remain intact in the wound.

Endoform is rich in natural collagen and structural adhesion proteins, which stabilize the wound, reduce inflammation, and promote tissue growth. It also provides a moist environment conducive to new granulation, crucial for healing highly exudative wounds.

The antimicrobial activity of Endoform is another significant advantage. It releases a low concentration vapor that protects against colonization and infection without affecting the patient’s cells. This antimicrobial activity remains unaffected by changes in pH or temperature.

Healthcare Video Production and Animation Services

It’s natural intact collagen structure can be trimmed and folded around medical devices, making it particularly useful for patients with limited mobility.

Applying Endoform is straightforward. Simply place the dry material over the wound bed and rehydrate with wound exudate or a saline solution. Once hydrated, the dressing is ready for placement. If the wound is in a confined space, it can be used with a non-adherent contact layer to ensure it stays in place.

Change the Endoform dressing daily, considering the level of exudate and the slough status. Rehydrate and re-apply as needed. In case of infection, change the dressing immediately and debride as directed. Endoform can also be used with compression therapy or negative pressure wound therapy under a healthcare provider’s supervision.

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