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Free Anime Websites to Watch

free anime websites to watch

If you love anime and are looking for free anime websites to watch, there are several options available for you. These include Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeDao, and more. You can also subscribe to streaming video services, such as Amazon Prime Video. These services offer premium content that’s not available for free elsewhere.


AnimeDao is one of the free anime websites to watch. This website offers a diverse selection of anime series and allows you to record episodes for up to 90 days. It also offers HD streaming and no ads. This website is the best option for those who want to watch anime for free.

The user interface is easy to navigate and allows you to easily find the anime series you want to watch. You can also choose dubbed or subbed versions of your favorite series. In addition, you can even download and watch your favorite anime offline! This website has been around since 2007.

Another excellent free anime site is Crunchyroll. It has a user-friendly interface and is an excellent alternative to AnimeDao. It also has English subtitles for some shows. There are a few things to keep in mind before using this site.

Anime-Planet is another free anime website that has an impressive library. It allows you to adjust the video quality and has titles from most major regions. Gogoanime is also easy to use and offers a wide selection of anime titles.


There are many free anime websites out there, and Crunchyroll is one of them. This service features high-quality, convenient streaming for people from all over the world. The site is supported by many different devices, including iOS and Android phones. Users can also bookmark shows to watch later. However, they should be aware that the site shows ads every ten to fifteen minutes.

In addition to streaming anime, Crunchyroll also offers live-action dramas from around the world. The site is a legal anime streaming service, thanks to exclusive licensing deals with major Japanese companies. This means that you can watch major anime series in the United States within a day of the original Japanese broadcast.

Crunchyroll is available on PC, iOS and Android devices. Users can also download its apps on various streaming devices, including Apple TV and Roku. It’s also available on many popular gaming consoles, including Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. It’s free to sign up and download Crunchyroll on any of these devices.

Crunchyroll also offers dubbed and subbed anime for free. This way, you can watch popular Asian anime in English and enjoy the subtitles. Additionally, you can watch movies and TV shows dubbed in English.


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If you’re an anime lover, you may be looking for free anime websites to watch. The internet has made it easy to watch anime online, and many of the top sites allow you to watch a variety of different genres. These sites also include new anime, as well as popular old series and movies. You can even download your favorite episodes.

Crunchyroll is a popular site that offers over 1200 different titles. This site also allows you to watch anime almost immediately after they have aired in Japan. The videos are all high quality, though you might need to adjust your video resolution to get the best view. The HQ stream is not available, but it’s high enough to watch anime in high definition.

Funimation has been instrumental in bringing anime to a wider audience. It has syndicated popular series such as Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon to the west. The site boasts 13000 hours of original content. The interface is fun and easy to navigate, and the titles are well-categorized. The site also has a fast streaming speed without annoying buffering.


Anime Kisa

AnimeKisa is one of the best online platforms for streaming and downloading anime. It is designed for desktop users and offers both dubbed and sub dubbed content. It also offers subtitles for all videos. AnimeKisa lets users add their favorite content to a list and download it to watch later. It also regularly updates its database so it can show the latest episodes and new releases. Users can even set reminders for their favorite anime.

AnimeKisa is blocked in some countries, but there are alternatives. For instance, AnimeLab is a good alternative for American viewers. It offers a wide variety of different genres and has one of the biggest online anime libraries. The service displays information on the anime episode when you hover over its thumbnail.

AnimeKisa is the best choice for casual anime watchers. This website offers thousands of cartoon TV episodes in HD. It also provides subtitles in English. Users can also enjoy the shows in 720p resolution. To access the content, they need to sign up with their email address. Moreover, this website is accessible through various devices such as Chromecast, Xbox 360, and Windows.

Anime Planet

If you’re looking for a free anime website to watch, Anime Planet is a great option. It hosts thousands of episodes from hundreds of different anime series. It also allows you to upload your own list of favorite manga and TV shows to watch later. Though the site is free, it is important to remember that the website may contain advertisements. To avoid this problem, use an add blocker or VPN.

Anime-Planet also offers a community of fans and has an active forum. If you want to interact with other users, you can sign up for an account. The site is highly interactive, with forums, news sections, community-issued challenges, and even a Discord chat for users to talk about their favorite anime and manga series.

The site is also free to use, with a clean and easy-to-navigate design. You can search by title, popularity, or time of release. There’s also a trending section.

Anime Freak

If you’re looking for a place to watch anime for free, Anime Freak is a great option. This website offers an extensive database of free anime, and allows you to download episodes on multiple devices. The site also features extensive show details, including genre and type, as well as the date and status of its upload. You can even use geo-restricted regions to watch anime in areas other than the U.S.

Another free anime website to watch is Horriblesubs, which offers a huge database of anime. This site is hosted on third-party servers, and users can watch Anime series in high-definition quality. AnimeSeason is another great choice – this website is organized neatly into categories so that users can search by genre.

The site updates its content daily, and there are more than 1400 anime series to choose from. Users can browse through shows by genre, search by character, or browse seasonal content. The site also offers a community that allows users to chat with other anime enthusiasts and watch new shows.


AnimeHaven is an easy-to-use site that has a large database of anime. It also has an advanced search box and a no-ads policy. Users can browse by category and genre, and can also submit requests for anime content.

AnimeHaven offers many of the same features as other sites, but with a focus on improving the anime viewing experience. The site offers new episodes of popular anime, and is accessible in 47 countries across 15 platforms. The website also features classic films and is updated daily.

Members can manage their accounts, bookmark shows, and subscribe to updates for new episodes. They can also download or stream videos to their computers. The site offers robust streaming speeds without annoying buffering. The site is available in multiple languages, and the interface is zany.

AnimeHaven is a good choice if you want to watch free anime online. It has an extensive collection of anime, and updates frequently. It also offers a search feature that allows you to narrow down the selection. The site also offers subtitled and dubbed episodes.

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