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How a Corporate Video is Made in Houston, TX at Austin Visuals Productions

Social Media Video Production Company | Austin Visuals

How a Corporate Video is Made in Houston, TX at Austin Visuals Productions


A Journey Through Video Creation: The Detailed 28-Step Process at Austin Visuals Production Studio, Houston, TX


In the vibrant realm of video production, Austin Visuals Productions in Houston, Texas, is a also notable player. To understand how a corporate video is made, we delve into the intricate 28-step process behind every visual masterpiece they craft. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how they convert a simple idea into a captivating video story.


Social Media Video Production Company | Austin Visuals

The 28-Step Process of How a Corporate Video is Made

  1. Initial Contact:

    The journey begins when a client contacts Austin Visuals with their filming requirements.

  2. Solution Proposal:

    Austin Visuals also offers tailored solutions within the client’s budget.

  3. Client Feedback:

    The client provides feedback on the proposed solution.

  4. Creation of Proposal:

    A detailed proposal is also created based on client feedback and requirements.

  5. Proposal Approval and Deposit Payment:

    The client accepts the proposal and pays a deposit.

  6. Kickoff Call:

    A meeting is scheduled to discuss the client’s production goals, target audience, and the most effective presentation approach.

  7. Script Development:

    Managers and Creative Directors also work together with the client to develop a compelling script.

  8. Script Iterations:

    The script undergoes several revisions to fine-tune the marketing message.

  9. Script Approval:

    The client approves the final version of the script.

  10. Pre-production Planning:

    Necessary equipment is also rented and artists are hired for concept visualization.

  11. Storyboarding:

    Storyboards are sketched to outline the visual flow of the video.

  12. Client Feedback on Storyboards:

    The client provides feedback on the storyboards or visual direction.

  13. Scheduling Talent:

    Actors are hired or company employees are scheduled to feature in the video.

  14. Location Scouting:

    Locations are also toured and reference photos are taken for planning and adjustments.

  15. Dress Rehearsal:

    A trial video shoot is performed to familiarize everyone with the filming process and to address any potential issues.

  16. Pre-shoot Preparation:

    Equipment is charged and checked to ensure readiness for the actual shoot.

  17. Morning Checks:

    On the day of the shoot, all equipment is also re-checked to ensure everything is in order.

  18. Arrival on Location:

    The team arrives on location, sets up the equipment, and briefs everyone involved.

  19. Filming:

    Filming commences, often in multiple takes for best results.

  20. On-set Client Approval:

    The team also shows the client the shots taken during filming to ensure satisfaction.

  21. Wrap Up:

    Once all the shots have been captured, the equipment is packed up, marking the end of the shoot.

  22. Equipment Unloading:

    The equipment is unloaded and hard drives are uploaded to an online file repository.

  23. Editor Review:

    The editor also reviews all the files received from the shoot and notes for any potential issues.

  24. Video Assembly:

    The editor assembles the footage, adding text graphics, animations, and mastering the audio tracks.

  25. Director Review:

    The director reviews the initial edit.

  26. Client Feedback:

    The initial edit is also shared with the client for their feedback.

  27. Video Revisions:

    Based on the client’s feedback, necessary revisions are made.

  28. Final Approval:

    The final video output is approved by the client.


Austin Visuals Productions has perfected this meticulous 28-step process to create outstanding videos that effectively convey their clients’ stories. Remember we also create medical animated visuals too! Through this detailed journey, we get an insight into the dedication, technical prowess, and artistic vision that is behind each video masterpiece crafted in Houston, Texas. From the initial client contact to the final approval, every step contributes to a harmonious blend