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How Much Does a 2D Animated Explainer Video Cost?

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2D Animated Explainer Video

Whether you are looking for a two-minute or three-minute animated explainer video, the cost to produce them will depend on several factors. The length of the video is a key factor in determining its cost. The longer the video is, the higher the price. Micro-videos have been increasingly popular in recent years due to the fact that the average user’s attention span has declined. Whether you’re looking for a quick video or a high-impact video to promote your brand, a short explanation will be the most effective strategy.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animations in 2D animated explainer videos can be more effective than text-based marketing tools. It’s easy to manipulate the finished product, making it a good choice for ensuring brand recognition. Whiteboard animation is affordable and can be done online. It is ideal for startups and entrepreneurs on a tight budget or with time on their hands.

The cost of whiteboard animations is one of the cheapest explainer video options, but it can still pack a big punch. It fits most budgets, and many quality studios offer a wide variety of styles to fit every brand. Motion graphics are computer animations that combine shapes and words. While whiteboard animation costs a fraction of 3D animation, it’s ideal for brands without a character-led messaging.

2d Animated explainer video cost

Animation in 2D

A 2D animated explainer video is a great way to grab your audience’s attention with captivating graphics and a compelling story. These videos are often integrated into a company’s customer onboarding experience and landing page. A 2D animated video can be more flexible than other types of animation, allowing for more iterations and customization during the early stages of production. This style is also more cost-effective than other styles.

The longer the explainer video, the more it will cost. An animator may spend an entire day just to create ten seconds of animation, so a shorter video will save money. A longer video will require sound design and voiceover recording, which can increase the cost. A shorter video will make it easier to promote a product or service. However, an extra minute of animation will also cost approximately 50% of the first minute.

2.5D animation.

How much does a 2.5D animated explainer video cost? This depends on several factors, including the length of the video, how many minutes it will be, and how well it has been crafted. Generally speaking, a 30-second explainer video will cost between $2000 and $4500. Complex marketing videos are more costly than those that are simple. If you need your video to be longer, you may want to consider hiring a company to produce it. An animated 2.5D explainer video costs anywhere from $3500 up to $5500. A longer video will cost you less than a 30-second video.

The quality of the explainer video will also affect the cost. The higher quality the video is, the higher the price will be. Some explainer videos can be as short as one minute while others take several minutes. The length of your explainer video is an important consideration, as it will determine the style and duration. There are many options available, so make sure you choose the best one for you.

3D animation.

When it comes to creating an explainer video, quality matters more than anything else. It should enrich your original idea and define your brand voice. It should also convey your message in an effective manner. However, quality videos will cost more than simple, generic videos. That’s why it’s important to do your research before hiring a company to create your video. Here’s how to find the best 3D animation company for your next project.

The first thing you should know about 3D animated explainer video cost is that the process of creating it is time-consuming. You can choose a simpler video if you don’t mind waiting 8 weeks for the final render. Whiteboard animation is cheaper than 3D but requires more resources. Therefore, the higher the price tag, the higher the quality of your finished product.

Animations in live action.

If you need a professional video to explain your company’s services, you’ve probably wondered how much a live action animated explainer video will cost. A video’s cost will depend on its length and content. Knowing how long you want your video to be will help you determine the price. Keep in mind that videos over two minutes will take just as much time to produce as a one-minute video, so be sure to determine the exact length of your video prior to contracting a production studio.

A live-action explainer video costs between $3,000 to $50,000 to make, but you can easily create one with free tools like Wistia Soapbox. A majority of smartphones can record short explanation videos. You can expect to pay $75-300 to hire a professional to write the script and film it. If you want to make your own video, you can also use a good HD camcorder and tripod for less than $20.

2d animated explainer video cost

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