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How Much Should You Pay For An Augmented Reality App?

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The recent data about augmented reality (AR) showed an upward growth in the coming days. According to a recent report from, 71% of shoppers would choose to shop in stores that offer the “try-it-before-you-buy” AR test. The statistics also revealed that seven out of ten professional media planners prefer to use AR to elevate their advertising strategies and customer engagement tactics. Because of the development in the AR world, more people are interested in knowing the augmented reality pricing rates for the apps in 2021.

Businesses that are considering to embrace this growing technological advancement must invest in AR app development for this year and beyond. If you are one of those organizations, you much check out these estimated AR app development costs to give you a headstart about this tactic.

How Much Is An AR Developer’s Hourly Rate Around The World? 

AR app development requires the expertise of highly-skilled AR developers. These professionals usually charge for their services per hour.

AR app developers charge $150 for every hour of working on a commissioned app in the US and other North American countries. Those in Australia usually charge $100 to $110 per hour. The rates dropped across the globe, as the developers from the western part of Europe charge $70-$100 per hour of AR app development. Their Eastern Europe counterparts have significantly lower rates since they only charge $25 to $30 per hour.

Meanwhile, the hourly rates for AR developers in South America are only set at $30 to $50. However, the most affordable AR developers live in India. The AR experts from the South Asian country only charge $15 to $30. While these professionals have various charging rates per hour, most of them have the same skills to help them achieve their AR goals.

How Much Will Your Company Need To Spend For A Complete AR App Development? 

There are no exact rates in augmented reality pricing, as industry experts can provide several estimates depending on the type of the app.

A simple and straightforward demo app created in 160 hours or less may cost somewhere between $5,000 to $10,000. But if you need a custom-built, feature-rich app developed in nine months or beyond, you must expect to shell out $300,000 and above for a new AR app.

However, these estimates do not include the cost of unexpected challenges. You must expect to pay more for more complicated apps.

What Are The Factors Influencing The AP App Development Costs?

Various factors affect the computation of the AR app development charges. It includes:


The world is divided between two major mobile platforms nowadays. Some people use iOS-powered devices, while some are more accustomed to using Android devices.

While it will be wiser to invest in both platforms’ apps, those in a budget must choose between the two platforms to launch their mobile AR app. Apps made using the Apple-run platform iOS are usually cheaper because it takes less time to complete than Android. This is since the devices that run using the Google-created platform usually feature various screen sizes.

App Features 

All AR apps are made for different needs. It means it will have various sets of features. The more features you need, the higher amount you need to spend on your app project.


Expect to pay a higher price if you want your AR app to have a one-of-a-kind app design. After all, a great design never comes cheap.

If you have a limited budget, prioritize the important features first before adding more design elements to your project. But if you want to go all out in your new app, you can ask the developer to add more features and design elements that no one has ever seen in the past.

The Bottom Line

The pricing of augmented reality apps is difficult to determine at times. It’s especially difficult if it needs multiple features that might take longer to complete. Businesses willing to invest in this advancing technology must look for a reliable app developer who understands the business and its overall goals.

While AR apps can be costly, they may serve as another source of revenue for the company. So make sure that you know how to invest your money wisely in this technology.


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