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How to Make a Custom Corporate Animation?

custom corporate animation to where the video shows a corporate office showing its employees working on a regular day basis

If you’re wondering how to make a custom corporate animation, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss Cost, Art direction, Scripting, Storyboarding, and other aspects of creating an animated video. There are many options available for creating entertaining videos for your website, educational content, or customer engagement. Below are a few ideas. Take a look!


A custom corporate animation project’s cost can vary greatly. A professional animation studio costs anywhere from ten thousand to twenty thousand dollars per hour. In India and Vietnam, animators can earn 30 times more than the average American income. Animated whiteboards can cost anywhere from three to four thousand dollars a minute. Prices will vary depending on how many animation effects you choose and the amount of audio copyright you require.

Before you make a decision about having an animated video made for your company, there are several things you should consider. Pre-production costs can quickly add up, especially if you have a complex topic that requires a detailed production. Then there’s the cost of music and voice-overs. Then there is the actual animation cost. Luckily, there are many companies available that offer custom animated videos.

cost to make animation

Art direction

When you hire an art director for a custom corporate animation, you’re hiring a person who has artistic vision and is able to set the aesthetic tone for the project. Art directors have many different roles and often work with various industries, so they have to become familiar with the tools and codes used for each industry. A realistic timeline should be established that clearly defines deliverables, deadlines, and responsible parties.

Storyboarding is the next step after the script has been approved. Storyboarding is the process by which the script, scene direction, as well as sketches, are all merged into one project. These sketches can be presented as scenes alongside the script, depending on their complexity. Some sketches also incorporate rough sound direction, voiceover, and key elements of art direction. Creating a mood board can be as easy as creating a list of inspirations from the internet, or you can create one with the tools provided by Canva.


An animated video is a powerful marketing tool for any business, and great scripting is key. A script should clearly define the goals of your video, be short, and have personality. You can bring your video script to life by working with Sharp Eye Animation. They’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies and startups alike, and have a wealth of experience in producing high-quality corporate animations. Here are some of their tips for creating a script.

Before you begin writing your script, take some time to understand what your audience is looking for. Many products and services exist to improve lives or solve problems. The best-animated videos have a compelling call to action. The script must make this easy for the target audience to understand. This means that the clearer your story, the more you understand your audience. The following steps will help you create an effective script.

custom corporate animationStoryboarding

Corporate animations have many advantages for companies. These animated videos are engaging because of their unique design and voice. Adding in brand attributes and humorous slogans is easy with scripting. You can further enhance the script with silly banter and goofy scenarios. A storyboard can help you plan the action as well as how to present information. A corporate video brief is an excellent example of a script. Here are some things you should consider when creating a corporate animation.

First, animated videos can be cost-effective. They allow companies to deliver a message in under two minutes. You can also make them as a series so that viewers can bond with the characters and storyline. An animated video can be a powerful tool for businesses to increase brand awareness. The benefits of creating an animated video are too numerous to list. There are many animated corporate videos to choose from.

Sample video

An animated video can be a great way to communicate your business to customers. These animated videos can help you explain your company’s unique features, services, or presence to customers. This type of video can be used for many purposes. It can be used to introduce a new product, explain its benefits, or educate customers about the company’s past. But how do you create an effective corporate animation video? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Script: An animated video script should contain a core message and a short story that focuses on a specific message. The script should tell a clear story that is easy to follow. To do this, you should use 3 elements: a hook, a core message, and a storyline. For example, an animated video needs to have a compelling hook. The hook (or the first eight to ten minutes of a one-minute video) should give viewers a reason to continue watching.

Custom Corporate Animation Services by AustinVisuals

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