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Best Ways To Promote Your Business And Brand Your Company

By January 14, 2020 April 27th, 2020 Blog
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The “Promote Your Company” Challenge

You are looking to promote your business and your company needs an updatable “demo” reel. It’s the digital age folks.  Even David Ogilvy’s bible on advertising has been updated. 

What the heck is a corporate demo reel?

Once upon a time, it was enough to publish a booklet or brochure and mail it to your constituency to tell shareholders, prospective investors, customers and everyone all about your success and plans.  Telling your story in this way is expensive, time-consuming and fixes your information to one point in time.  You need to make things move to capture the ever-shrinking attention span of today’s consumer.  Our video production company can show and tell your story to the world cost-effectively – and often faster than it takes to print brochures and corporate reports.  

And here’s a bonus:  You can edit portions of the reel for social media, web ads, or YouTube promotion.  High render stills from the demo reel can be used for convention booths or even brochures if you need them.

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I’m listening.

Suppose you’re building a new facility or planning an expansion.  A print piece is a good way to make the announcement, but there’s no efficient way to update progress.  What if you have a new product in development? How can you react to changing market conditions or competitor entries into your niche space with a brochure?

What should I do instead?

Demonstrate the progress your company is making with a demo reel that can be updated as often as you like.  At Austin Visuals, we update our company story (demo reel) constantly showing our new work (insert link here).  Sure, video animation is our business, but this technique will work just as well for you.  

Show me one.

This demo reel also came out as a magazine full of charts and the usual thing. But the video demonstrates the action and drama of the business 10,000 times more powerfully.

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How do I get started promoting my business?

Well, that’s the easiest part of the whole thing.  Email [email protected] or visit our website at www.austinvisuals.com and send us a request here.  We’ll get in touch and walk you through the process, give you an estimate, and stay right by your side through the whole thing.

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