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Motion designer nyc

Finding a Job As a Motion Designer NYC

motion designer nyc


When seeking a motion designer in NYC, it’s important to recognize that expertise in software skills alone is not sufficient. Visual storytelling principles are equally crucial in this field. That’s where Eva Cremers, an imaginative 3D illustrator, comes in. With her vibrant colors and whimsical designs, she creates works that exude a delightful Willy Wonka-like charm. Motion designers can find ample inspiration in her creations, allowing their own creativity to flourish in this dynamic realm. So, consider the captivating works of Eva Cremers and unlock your potential as a motion designer in the bustling city of NYC.

Eva Cremers

Uncover the captivating artistry of Eva Cremers, a Dutch 3D artist who skillfully merges signature design with CGI aesthetics, leaving viewers delighted. Her humorous and thought-provoking pieces effortlessly blur the line between the metaverse and youth pop culture. Notably, with clients like Nike, Pull & Bear, and the New York Times, Cremers consistently showcases her exceptional talent.

Dive into her immensely popular Inflatables project, a captivating collection that embraces self-expression and creativity through charming motifs. Witness firsthand how children wholeheartedly embrace the metaverse spectrum as their vibrant playground.

Pablo Rochat

Embark on a journey through the renowned creative direction of Pablo Rochat, which draws inspiration from internet culture and successful collaborations with prominent brands such as Nike, Balenciaga, and New York Times. Prepare to uncover his distinctive aesthetic that seamlessly blends cultural objects with humor, resulting in unconventional and captivating visual experiences.

As you delve into his Instagram feed, you’ll encounter a delightful array of playful jokes, entertaining memes, and innovative experiments. One such experiment includes the manipulation of cat faces in Instagram stories, showcasing Rochat’s penchant for pushing creative boundaries. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Pablo Rochat and let your imagination run wild.

Julian Glander

Renowned for his skill and creativity, Julian Glander is a highly accomplished 3D animator and designer. With a diverse range of talents, he excels in producing captivating works that span various mediums. Whether it’s crafting compelling short films, engaging video games, interactive toys, or captivating illustrations, Julian’s expertise shines through.

Drawing inspiration from technology, Julian’s art showcases a unique and modern approach, influenced by his educational background with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from UCSD.

Transitioning to the realm of freelance motion design, it’s worth noting that in 2019, many professionals discovered greater earning potential by taking on contract gigs rather than pursuing full-time employment.

Louis Wes

Louis Wes is an illustrator and animator renowned for his signature nostalgic yet vibrant styles of illustration and animation. He has worked for clients such as Peprally, Buck and Vox Media; many are drawn to his distinctive approach as their favorite style of drawing or animation.

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Nuria Boj

Immerse yourself in the captivating work of Nuria Boj, a highly skilled artist who specializes in crafting custom illustrations and dynamic motion designs. Her unique style frames burst with energy, movement, and an array of vibrant colors that truly bring her creations to life. Witness her exceptional talent in animating illustrations and transforming them into engaging visual experiences, such as her remarkable work for SAP in collaboration with Ordinary Folk.

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Samantha Jones

Introducing Samantha, an ESTP personality who thrives in the spotlight and welcomes challenges with open arms. She continuously pushes beyond her comfort zones in pursuit of success.

Tune in to catch Samantha as she anchors News 4 weeknights at KMOV, where her passion for journalism shines. Delve deeper to uncover her profound affection for St. Louis, evident through her involvement in its vibrant community.

When Samantha isn’t on air, she indulges in her love for travel, Cardinals baseball, and the delightful world of Sex and the City movies. Immerse yourself in her lively lifestyle and discover the joy that accompanies each experience.

Tony Babel

Indulge in the world of vibrant animations inspired by vintage loops, crafted by the renowned multidisciplinary designer and animator, Tony Babel. With precise execution and unwavering passion, Tony brings forth exceptional animated masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.

Immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of Erica Anderson, a freelance designer who weaves striking and dynamic motion designs using a blend of photography and illustration techniques in both 2D and 3D. Prepare to elevate your visual experience and discover the joy these creations bring.

Lana Simanenkova

Based in London, Lana Simanenkova is a senior animator at the characterful studio Animade. Her passion lies in creating animated GIFs that bring a smile to people’s faces, using thin outlines and vibrant, saturated colors.

Regardless of your animation preferences, this particular work is bound to capture your attention.

Andrius Vizbaras

Embark on a journey into the enchanting and playful style of Marta Azana, an artist worth following. With her captivating designs blending hand-drawn elements and animation techniques, she brings joy to viewers.

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