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MOTION GRAPHICS COMPANIES Build Scenes in Decentraland

Motion Graphics Companies

motion graphics companies

Motion Graphics Companies: Find the Perfect Partner for Your Project

When it comes to finding top-notch motion graphics companies, your search can start online. Explore renowned companies such as Device Animation, Jumbla, Pattern, Exit 73 Studios, and Illo Studio. Discover their expertise and reputation by checking out reviews on YouTube. Once you’ve assessed their suitability for your project and considered factors like budget and deadline, selecting the right motion graphics company becomes a seamless process.

Illo Studio: Elevating Motion Graphics to New Heights

Illo Studio, located in Turin, Italy, stands out in the world of motion graphics companies. Their impressive portfolio and ability to convey compelling narratives set them apart. Since their establishment in 2002, Illo Studio has been crafting animated videos for brands, websites, and other visual content. They excel in character development, production, and post-production services. Notably, their work for esteemed clients such as gaming companies, Netflix, Marvel, and Snapchat speaks volumes about their aesthetics and commitment to exceptional quality.

Galera: Your Boutique Animation Studio

For a commercial or explainer video, entrusting the task to a professional animation studio is the ideal choice. Galera, a boutique agency, creates captivating animations tailored to startups, tech companies, and media-related industries. Their diverse video production portfolio includes product and demo videos, explainer videos, commercials, and UI animation. Unlike companies that outsource their services, Galera possesses all the necessary resources to produce animations in-house. With 100% originality guaranteed, they deliver outstanding results that are never resold.

Jumbla: Transforming Your Vision into Reality

When seeking a motion graphics company that can bring your ideas to life, Jumbla is an excellent choice. Their team comprises over 40 talented individuals, including illustrators, motion graphics artists, producers, and copywriters. Jumbla’s impressive track record, backed by numerous awards, is a testament to their ability to create exceptional work. Their well-defined process ensures a seamless and successful collaboration, making them the go-to choice for those looking to work with an overseas motion graphics company.

Pattern: Setting the Bar for High-Quality Projects

Among the array of motion graphics companies, Pattern stands out for their reputation in delivering outstanding projects. With expertise in TV shows, commercial ads, and digital projects, Pattern is a production company that guarantees exceptional results. Ghost, a division of Pattern, specializes in achieving the seemingly impossible on film. Since their establishment in 1999, Ghost has provided clients with world-class post-production services. Having worked on over 40 films and thousands of commercials, they have earned multiple awards for their exceptional motion designs.

Exit 73 Studios: Unleash Your Creativity

For dynamic and creative video content creation, Exit 73 Studios is a name to remember. This motion graphics company specializes in animation production, motion graphics, and graphic design. With founders Chris Burns and Cody Greenhalge, who boast over 15 years of experience, Exit 73 Studios offers comprehensive services, from character design to game play. Collaborating with big-name brands like IKEA and Panasonic, they have established themselves as a reputable player in the industry. Their additional services include art direction, pixel art, and music production, setting them apart from other motion graphics studios.

Thinkmojo: Where Animation Meets Excellence

Thinkmojo, a San Francisco-based motion graphics studio, has achieved prominence in the world of animation videos. Their client list includes major tech industry players, and their videos cater to various purposes such as marketing and corporate communication. Backed by award-winning production, Thinkmojo produces high-quality, unique videos tailored to your specific needs. Their comprehensive process, including brief analysis, style referencing, and brainstorming, ensures an engaging and visually appealing final product. When it comes to explainer videos, Thinkmojo’s experience and expertise make them the preferred choice.

Royale: Masterful Storytelling Through Motion Graphics

If you’re seeking a motion graphics company that excels in storytelling, Royale is the answer. This award-winning company has gained recognition in the design and broadcast industry. Under the guidance of Creative Direction led by Eduardo Maraggi and Fernando Vallejos, Royale understands the art of conveying narratives through motion graphics. With an international presence, Royale’s expertise spans all aspects of concept development, from design to animation and award-winning production. Their talented professionals possess the skills to transform your vision into a reality. Serving clients globally, Royale also caters to the unique needs of clients in China, India, and Shanghai.

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