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What’s Happening In Healthcare In 2022

By January 3, 2017July 15th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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Welcome to INSIGHTS, a publication from Medical 3D Animation Company, a division of Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio.

We’re the creators of anatomically accurate 3D and 2D visualizations for use by hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers and allied health professionals.  We also do “explainer videos” to assist in patient education and enhance patient satisfaction.
I’m your editor, Nancy Schirm.  I’ve been involved with healthcare marketing since the 1980’s and, like many of you, have seen changes that first seemed to shake and potentially erode the system and potential profits.  Yes, I remember back to

  • the DRG earthquake,
  • the COBRA conundrum,
  • the PPO tsunami,
  • the HillaryCare Hurricane,
  • changes in JCAHO,
  • and all the Medicare and Medicaid changes and more

medical-worker-medical-uniform-working-virtual-screen_53876-97885-1But you know what?  Through innovation, education, and dedication, the women and men who deliver the care and the institutions for which they work survive and prosper regardless of politics and regulations.
Also, like you, I look at the uncertainty that surrounds us not knowing what is going to happen with the ACA, new programs and policies, new needs by patients, new discoveries by providers.
The best defense is always having information. We’ll do our best here at INSIGHTS to research the many many publications that deal with any subject related to healthcare and medical practice and summarize them here for your quick reference.  We’ll also offer our ideas about marketing, storytelling, patient education, and other areas to enhance patient satisfaction or speed new product adoption
We’ll do the best job with your input, so don’t hesitate to pose a subject for discussion, a concern for conversation, or a solution, problem, opportunity, or opinion.
So, welcome to INSIGHTS.  Let us hear from you.

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