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Oil and Gas Presentations Come to Life with 3D Animation

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Oil and Gas Presentations Come to Life with 3D Animation


Large meetings are tedious enough without having to ask board members or shareholders to imagine technologies in their heads — especially when they haven’t had hands-on experience with those technologies. Sure, you’ve gone through all the effort to print everything in great detail. There are all the technical specifications and the detailed reports, and maybe even a picture or two.

Yet even with all of that, it’s still difficult to get a mental image of the way all the parts work. There’s got to be a better way.

Of course, you could make a scale model of the processing facility you’d like to build. Yes, this would give people a general idea of what was going on, but it would also be limiting. Unless it was on a continually rotating table, they would only see the portion of the model that they could see from the vantage point they occupied at the table. And this would actually lessen the immersion factor, and wouldn’t sell them as well on the idea.

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There is a better way. What better way is to use Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio to develop a multimedia video for your next oil and gas presentations.

Using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is the perfect solution to all these problems. Well-done CGI offers great immersion, makes opaque concepts transparent, and will easily convey the idea to your shareholders that you’re trying to sell them. With CGI, it’s easy to show everyone an animation of a future project, all at the same time. CGI makes it easy to show how an oil or gas facility works, from the inside out, how the plant operates to process the oil or gas and will drive presentations home.

Which do you think they’ll remember better — the exciting animation, or the reports and documents presented by some other company?

Oil and gas presentations created by Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio will leave shareholders with more of a lasting impression, as they will have a better understanding of the concept presented, simply by getting a general idea of what it looks like. They won’t have had to attempt to form a picture of unknown technologies from unfamiliar concepts — they’ll have been able to actually use their own two eyes to see how things work. Then they can ask questions about what they’ve seen since you can easily rewind the video to answer any concerns.


Many different concepts can be illustrated with 3D animation presentations. There are many safety concerns in the oil and gas industry that can be illustrated, including techniques for offshore drilling, methods of distribution and transportation, operations and processing facilities, and technological advancements coming in the future that will benefit these natural resource industries.

Boardroom presentations can be made so much better with the use of CGI and animation. Especially with more and more executives and shareholders using mobile devices for tasks that are work-related, now is a great time to show how professional you and your company are by allowing them to view, download, and then share the 3D animation that Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio creates for your Houston meetings. Our presentations will convey a much greater understanding of the technical data that you are imparting to them. Use our animations not to do away with, but to augment and to simplify the technical data and reports. Use our eye-catching graphics and pleasing sounds so you have a higher chance of being successful in your endeavors.

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