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Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer video of a real state broker at his office detailing a property contract and what are the terms and price of the property to a buyer

You don’t have to spend time building static websites. Real estate animated explainer videos can engage your audience and help drive sales. A video agency can create videos for you. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of the business. The videos can be shared across social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Your audience will appreciate it. Your audience will also be more likely to take the desired action after watching your video.

Explainer videos animated

Animated videos are an excellent way to spread your real estate message and position yourself as a customer-centric brand. These videos can be used to convey your services, turn your clients’ dreams into reality, and show them how you can help them reach their real estate goals. With the right content, an animated video can easily convey all of your business’ competitive advantages. You can easily convey your entire business’s value proposition in a short video that is both informative and entertaining.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A Whiteboard explainer video can be powerful marketing tool for real estate. A whiteboard animation video can be an easy way to explain complex processes. Many realtors use the software to explain the selling and buying process. They can be produced professionally or used to create an explainer video for social media. There are many options. You can create a video that is both informative and entertaining with the right tools.

2D explainer videos

Using animated videos in your real estate marketing campaign can help you attract new clients and build a remarkable brand image. Real estate explainer videos are an excellent way to demonstrate your services and emphasize their benefits. An animated video can quickly highlight all the unique selling points of your company and help you to be competitive. It takes only a few minutes. Here are some reasons why you should consider creating such a video:

CTAs in explainer videos

Effective call-to-actions, or CTAs, encourage viewers to take action. They can also be textual or graphic, and should direct the audience to a specific next step. The CTA should be well-placed, and not just a promotional banner. A good CTA will fit the video script and will prompt viewers to take action. If you’re creating an animated explainer video to promote real estate, consider also adding a call-to-action that links to an email or landing page.

Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos

Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos| Austinvisuals


An animated explainer video can be a great way of highlighting the many benefits of your real-estate business. These videos feature real-life stories, information about the services you offer, and a powerful call to action. Real estate explainer videos are an excellent tool for promoting your business in the digital age. Video Jeeves has the knowledge and experience to create a custom animated video that will be both entertaining and informative.

Scripts to explainer videos

Animated explainer videos can be a great way to communicate real estate information in a clear, concise way. These videos typically last around two minutes and address one problem. Good scripts should also contain key points that help viewers understand the message. The script should be written for the human ear and voice, so make sure you simplify your word choice. If necessary, use a Hemingway app to help identify unnecessary words. Record the video out loud so you can make sure everything makes sense.

Examples of explainer video examples

An animated real estate video can be a great marketing tool for your real estate business. Selling a house is often more than just selling a property. They want to convey to prospective customers what living in that house is like and how much fun it is. They can accomplish this by using stellar camera shots and upbeat music. And, if all else fails, they can always try creating their own video.

Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos

Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos Services

Austin Visuals has been creating explainer videos for businesses and brands for 14 years. We have worked with companies from all industries, including international corporations. Our extensive experience in creating high-quality, eye-catching marketing videos for business ads is a testament to their expertise. We have extensive knowledge in legal animation and can create explainer videos that are relevant to your business. Austin Visuals offers a free consultation to help you create an engaging explainer video about your company.

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