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Why You Should Use 3D Modeling When Designing Architecture

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Why You Should Use 3D Modeling When Designing Architecture

The continuing growth of technology means that the average consumer expects more from your presentations than ever. We here at Austin Visuals are quite capable of delivering the results that you seek when looking for animation. We are also extremely versatile. Our skills allow us to provide services to all sorts of employers. Architecture is a business that can greatly benefit from 3D modeling and animation.



When you are presenting your design to your client they will sometimes have trouble understanding your blueprint. 3D modeling is a quick way to present your designs in an easy to understand manner. It will also help differentiate elevations and floors in the design. Your customer will be able to see all of this and understand much more quickly since a large percentage of the population are visual learners. It will also give them a better understanding of what you want to do so they can give their feedback on it much sooner. This gives you a chance to change your design without drawing a whole new blueprint as well.

Speaking of presentation, a 3D model of your design will look much more impressive than a normal 2D blueprint. You could easily take your customer through each room much like a tour. Having such a clear picture of what your design will look like will get it more likely approved. It makes your ideas very clear and makes your presentation look more modern and competent. While a blueprint is serviceable, a 3D design will wow your customers.

Designing in 3D means that since you see a more accurate version of your design, you can see what it looks like and what you want to change far earlier in the building process. Instead of changing the schematics during construction, you can do it during the design and blueprint stage. This could save a lot of money since changing your plans during that stage is much cheaper than tearing down already built features. It saves both time and money.



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