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The 5 Commandments For Making A Great Explainer Video Script

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need-animated-explainer-videoA good explainer video can make or break your product; and for that you need a script that is cohesive, engaging, and direct.  So you decide to create a script for a video; where do you begin?  Always remember what you have is unique i.e. a solution to a problem, hence you need to start with letting people know about that solution. Then narrow down your customer base, get your call-to-action in place and you are ready to go.

Now comes “the part where you start that perfect script” part and it’s not surprising if you find it daunting. Not to worry, the 5 commandments listed below will make yours a smooth ride!

1. Make it short and sweet. Short and sweet is the order of the day; remember your customer has a limited attention span. So don’t meander as to what you want to say. Make an impact in the beginning with the crux of the matter. Catch your customer’s attention and make him listen to you.

2. Cater to your audience Your audience is your friend, so talk to them as you would do with your friends. No preaching and no high-handedness please! Decide on a tone you would like to maintain throughout the video whether a light-hearted conversation style or an animated style and stick to it.

3. Tell a great story. If you are a good storyteller now is the time to make use of it. Talk about relevant problems from your life and the audience will immediately empathize; give them the solution that helped you and you’ve made a connection with your audience. Make your video as lively as possible avoiding statistics and dry facts.

4. Use humor. Humor is a great tool to make your video interesting, however make sure it’s appropriate. Well placed humor is always an icebreaker but a wrongly timed one is awkward. So be cautious while using it.

5. Have a clear message. Lastly when there is dialogue in your video keep it at a slow, even pace with clearly pronounced words. Remember this is where you get to talk directly to your customers, so avoid complicated words and phrases and make sure it is spoken in easy to understand wordings.

When it comes to scripting an explainer video the trick lies in detailing. This is because the important message needs to get through to the audience in a very short time.

So now that you know the tricks of the trade, here’s wishing you happy scripting!


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